Friday, June 19, 2020

Trailer Remodel

Welcome to our tiny home! 

It was a nice trailer before, pretty new, only 4 years old and in good condition. But it was so incredibly dark!! I never loved it. I liked how the space worked for us, but the kitchen had no working room because of the over mount sink. It took me a couple years and being locked down for a couple months for the hubbs to give in and let me go for it. Here is a picture of the kitchen after and before, I know, it should be the other way around... oops!

I started with the bathroom just to see if it would hold up and it did. We went on a weekend trip to the hot Colorado river and no problems with the paint.

 Before the bathroom was roomy, but very dark with all that brown wood and tan walls. Just kind of dark and blah. After painting I added a back splash some decor and painted our little shelf blue. Color makes me very happy!

I loved the way it turned out and every time I went in there it just felt so much like a real home. I was told very reluctantly if I sprayed the cabinets and did not roller them, I could do the rest of the trailer. The hubb's truly was not happy about this project.

I started prepping in the bedroom. It ended up being about 90 degrees this day and I was in this little hot box trying to get this paper and tape to stick everywhere I didn't want paint hitting since I was spraying. This is when it hit me how much work this project was going to be.




It just feels so much cleaner and I can actually see in it now that it's lighten up a bit.

Here is a bit of the work in the main part of the trailer. We have a toy hauler, so it is a garage when we are traveling. Everything needs to fold nicely up to the walls to fit the dirt bikes in it. The beds in the back move along a track up to the ceiling.

Prepping this part is where I started asking for help, Dr. C knew he was going to make me a new counter top, but not a big deal, I told him that was all I needed him to do. He really didn't want to do any of the work, he even asked me if I was SURE I wanted a new counter. I have said I needed one every single trip we went on and we spend A LOT of time in our trailer. 

When I got to this portion of prepping, I was already physically exhausted. This was just a couple days into the project, but the ceilings in a 5th wheel are tall and I am 5 foot 3 inches. On a ladder there are portions of the ceiling that I can not reach. So reluctantly, he helped me.

We had 1 month between when we got home from our river trip till we were going on our summer road trip. I had less then a month to get this baby done! I was working as much as I could while neglecting my regular job and my kids. In the evening someone would come in the trailer and ask me about dinner, I'd have to stop painting and make dinner while the hubb's cleaned the paint spray EVERY SINGLE TIME! It's the little things. 

Remember how I said, color makes me happy? Well, I needed another place to put my lovely blue. I thought painting it behind the curtain where the beds are would be perfect, it makes it feel somewhat separate.

 See that little table by the chairs? Again, with a toy hauler, nothing can be out. It gets really annoying when I have to pull all the tables out from under the bed when we are stopping at multiple places. I really miss having a dinnette that folds up to the wall like our old trailer.

 Dr. C had a nice little surprise for me. Unfortunately this is not the first one that was made.

I picked the stain, but it did not quite turn out what I was picturing and then before getting approval, Dr. C put a glossy poly urethane on it. I didn't want to say anything because he worked so hard, so I just mentioned I wanted a different poly on the counter top. But at the river a friend showed me a picture of a bar with burnt wood! I completely forgot about that technique and that was what I wanted!! Once the countertop was done, the hubb's could not leave this little table how it was. So, I got a second perfect little table.

It's the little things that go a long way. This lovely little painting tent was one of those little things and was made just for me to spray the doors! This saved me so much time and made them turn out so much better then if they were on the ground.

Here is my kitchen before, dark, no back splash, over mount sink, and no counter space.

Here is a picture of the blue risers on the stairs, this seemed to be the best place to stick this picture.
Trailers have small kitchens to begin with and when we bought this trailer, I thought that little bit of counter would be enough, but with the limited cabinet room, it usually holds my banana's, melons and Malibu rum. So, not much space left to work. The faucet was horrible to work with also.

Changing out the counter top meant taking out the oven, since the oven was coming out, might as well take out the microwave to make my life easier. Dr. C is so helpful!

Now, look at all that counter space, the wonderful faucet and the amazing countertop. My tiny kitchen is my favorite part of my tiny home.

This countertop is closeup worthy. It is made with stainable plywood. In a trailer you have to keep things light and we couldn't do much more than plywood for weight.

Trailer remodel - start to finish - 3 weeks! Now one week to get ready to go on a road trip. 


Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Greek Salad

I have been loving Greek food lately! Here is a great lunch idea that is packed with nutrition. 

The oil in the dressing has Omega 3's, the artichoke hearts are great for blood sugar regulation and this meal is packed with fiber, good fat, and vitamins and minerals. One of the best parts is that this salad is very satisfying and I feel content until dinner.

Here is a little greek salad recipe I just add as much as I want of the ingredients so these are not exact:
-Kalamata Olives
-Artichoke hearts (I get them in a jar in water, not marinated)
-Feta Cheese
-Tomatoes or bell peppers optional 

Home made Greek salad dressing:

1/3 c red wine vinegar
1 lemon, juiced
2 t dijon mustard
2 c garlic minced
1/2 t Italian seasonings
1/4 t fresh ground pepper
1/4 c flax seed oil
1/4 c olive oil

I double this recipe and put it in a salad dressing bottle to keep in the fridge so I can use it with my daily salad.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Onion Rings - Gluten Free

Every once and a while we really miss one of those treats you just can't get gluten free. Onion rings is one of those in our house. They are really quite taste gluten free or not. I just don't like the mess they make.

 This recipe is so simple, you will need:

1 large onion pealed and thinly sliced.
GF flour (I used Pamelas All Purpose)
Grapeseed oil
little salt and pepper to taste

Be forewarned on this recipe, measurements are to texture and taste.

1. First peal and cut the onion.
2. Dust the sliced onion with flour.
3. In a shallow bowl mix about 1 c flour with 1 c water. Wisk until smooth, add water until think like pancake batter.
4. Heat oil in pan, only about 1/4 high. A little less if you prefer.
5. Drag onions through the flour and water then set in the pan to pan fry till golden.

Here is a picture of what the onions look like in the batter. I like my batter slightly thinner.

Remove the onions and set them on a paper towel. You can put them on a cookie sheet in the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit to keep warm while you cook the rest of your dinner. 

These were so tasty!! But I remembered why I almost never cook them. The kitchen was a disaster from the oil!

I hope you enjoy your GF onion rings once in a blue moon like us.