Saturday, July 23, 2016

Flying through the Jungle!

The morning started out with poring rain louder then I have ever heard at about 4 in the morning. It lasted until about 6 am then we got up to start our day of adventure. Little C went out to watch the rain.

We drove up to Sky Trek for zip lining and the early tour wasn't available. That was ok because it had just stopped raining and we got to take a little hike through the jungle.

These awesome bridges were pretty scary, but they gave us an amazing perspective of the jungle from way up above it.

This look out point hung out over the side of a cliff.

Top of the world!

Ready to go, we had to ride the sky tram up first. This is one of the highest zip lining tours in Costa Rica. Kids don't seem nervous at all.

L is serious but confident.

This is the little tiny practice line. The next one was so huge we couldn't see the end of it! Dr. C went first then C & L went together. My heart about fell out of my chest watching them go. L let out the loudest scream I've ever heard. C said he couldn't hear anything 1/2 way across and his ears were ringing even after I made it to the other side.

L needed to go with a guide holding on to her because she was too light. The guides were all so great with her.

We still can get over how calm L was on the zip line and that she didn't back out when she saw how high, far and fast it was.

After the zip lining, we drove to a little town to find a restaurant that the locals would eat at. The food again was so good!

After zip lining, we had time to swim at the hotel. It was such a relaxing afternoon. C & L visited all the slides while Dr. C and I could sit with a drink in the hot spring pool that has a swim up bar.

Hot springs pool with swim up bar.

Looking for food again we found this...

It was again good, but not as good as the other places.

Until tomorrow, Pura Vida!


Friday, July 22, 2016

Costa Rica... Our first impression

Costa Rica, it has always been the one place Dr. C has wanted to go as long as I could remember. Finally our kids are old enough and we can do all the adventures we want while we are here so now is the time.

Our trip started with taking a flight that left at midnight. It's a 5 hour flight and I figured the kids would sleep the whole way. Once we got in the air, the cabin lights went on and drinks were served! I couldn't believe on an over night flight they turned the lights on. So, these 2 ended up getting about 3 hours of sleep. At least it was some sleep.

Then we arrive and the car rental that I thought was such a great deal was outrageous because of the added insurance. But, we are here so we let it go and are going to enjoy the almost 2 weeks we have. Exhausted, we got on the road, almost immediately, Dr. C is saying how much he loves this place. It really is beautiful! Everything is so green!

L was so tired, she was out pretty quickly in the car.

Until we stopped for breakfast... Then she was out again.

This is just some of the view on the road...

Later on this long 3 hour drive, the road got so curvy! It felt like I was on a never ending roller coaster. It would be turning so sharp to the right and all of a sudden switch to the left and Dr. C, not taking his time would make the car throw my body. All of this wasn’t sitting well with my stomach. I was thinking this day was going to be forever long and I just wanted to go to bed! But that got us to open the windows and hear all that different sounds the jungle has to offer.

Finally, we got to the hotel 3 hours before check in and our room was ready! Here is looking out the front door of our hotel room...

Here is the door on the other side...

We took a nap, had lunch and explored the pools that are fed fresh from the hot springs. I didn’t have high expectations for lunch because I have always heard the food here is so-so. I don’t know if I was just so starving or if the food was amazing, but I had the best salad ever. On of our dishes was a fillet minor salad and when it arrived, to my surprise, it was raw! But, what the hey, I’m in a new place, I might as well try how they make their food and it and it was amazing. I also ate 3 cherry tomatoes. (I hate tomatoes, but I was told they are different in Costa Rica.) They were edible here, that’s as far as I will go.

This is the view from our table...

This hotel is the perfect little slice of paradise in the jungle. There are a ton of pools with about 5 slides going into a different pool. All of pools are directly fed from the hot and cold springs.

After the pools we visited the different habitats they have here on the grounds, first is the crocodiles.

Butterfly gardens...

The flowers around here are so pretty!

Different view of the crocodile...

Turtles playing follow the leader. The 2 in the water are waiting to see if it's safe first.

We tried eating dinner in town hoping it would be a little less expensive, but not so much. Maybe we paid a little extra for this flaming plate. Anyhow, the food was amazing, even the kids loved it! Some new foods we tried at dinner were plantations (a less sweet cooked variety of banana) and papaya root. I thought I was going to be hungry this whole trip trying to find food without gluten and dairy. So far, so good. I think it’s the opposite, there is not much dairy and wheat and instead of starving, I'll just put on a few pounds.

After dinner we stopped at the town square and the kids and Craig had ice cream. (Tomorrow we are getting desert for me!) 

The night was topped off with a huge roach crawling on the bathroom counter. I’m not sure how I am going to sleep tonight. Costa Rica has certainly has its ups and downs, that’s for sure.

So far, our first impressions are, food is expensive but so far so good (lots of new things to try), roads are not marked well and people don’t even notice that there is a speed limit, the people are extremely nice and it is amazingly beautiful here. We haven’t seen graffiti or litter anywhere and it feels safer then at home. Everyone here is so happy! Oh and the bugs are not as bad as I expected!


Thursday, June 2, 2016

C gets a desk now too!

My neighbor offered me an old oak desk if I wanted it for either of my kids. When I went to look at it, I was shocked at what great condition it was in. It looked brand new, all the drawers rolled smooth and it it solid! Of course I wanted it! 

C has been asking for a desk since I was looking at desks for L. He has also been planning what color he wanted me to paint it.

This desk was quite fun to work on. There were no little cracks that I had to remove paint from first, I got to get right down to sanding and filling all the oak grain.

If you do this yourself, buy a fresh container of DAP Latex Plastic Wood. Mine was a little dried out, which made it really difficult to put on and it didn't get into the grain as well. I bought a new one and it went in much better.

C wanted a black desk, so I talked him into a dark gray desk with an almost black top. I went with an ebony stain and used spray paint on the desk. I wanted to try the mat spray over it, but I wasn't sure how it would turn out so I left it shinny. C choose the red chair.

We are slowly adding things to his walls now. Finally after 4 years in this house. 

If his room was a little cleaner, I would take pictures from far away. Here is his wall that we added stripes to, remember from this post to lighten up the room. He wanted that so bad, I couldn't understand why he wanted a black desk.

C picked out all the signs for his walls.

Hopefully he can keep his shelves a little nicer and not so cluttered. He is my organized pack rat.