Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cozy Cave

Remember this picture of Dixie? This was her favorite bed. We always wanted a smaller one because it took up so much room and it was a lot to lug around when we were camping. Even though a cozy cave is a perfect Vizsla pet bed, these cozy cave beds are not cheap, I just couldn't justify the cost of another.

I always thought it looked easy enough to make and now that we are getting another puppy, it's the perfect time to make a smaller one. Yep, I said we are getting a puppy. She arrives Tuesday night. One of the hardest parts about getting a pet is loving them so much knowing you are going to loose them one day. But a good friend reminded me that "It is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all" and in the words of our kids, "We want Dixie back, but a new puppy is the next best thing."

So, I went to JoAnn's and got some fabric and started cutting. Making the bed helped to relax my mind a little and prepare for the new puppy. I couldn't give her everything that was Dixie's just yet.

I love circles, they are so easy to cut and sew! I cut 2 circles and the side for the inside cushion.

I added a zipper so I can change out the batting if it gets old and yucky or I need less or more of it. I just used a robe zipper for this part.

To sew the edges, it was very simple, just sewed right sides together around the circle and since I had a zipper I left it on zipped so I could flip it right side out.

Here is the top cover part. Since I couldn't get Sherpa fabric as thick as the real cozy cave, I added some quilt batting in-between the top layer and the Sherpa.

For the top of the bottom half I used the sherpa again just like the original Cozy Cave.

I got the filling from Amazon because it was about 1/3 the cost. This is the one I bought. If you click on the link, you will see it is a 10 lb box. I didn't realize how much 10 lbs of PolyFill was. When I opened it, it popped out the top and after I filled the bed, I still had to stuff it back into the box. I barley made a dent. I guess I should get to making another Cozy Cave for a friends little dog.

The kids wanted to make sure they fit in the little one also.

Now they can snuggle with their new puppy.

Hopefully, next week I can share a picture of our new puppy inside the bed.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Goodbye Dixie

This post is in memory of Dixie, our puppy we lost to a car at 10 months old. She quickly became a part of our family and stole our hearts. Even my heart, no matter how hard I tried to not let her in. Don't get me wrong, I love animals! But, this dog was for my husband and kids. I took care of the family and the cat. I didn't want to take care of something else and Mr. C was willing to do all the work for the dog. If he saw that I got just as attached, I thought might loose all the help I had with her.

But, I am a total animal person! I LOVE animals. All kinds! They are just one of those amazing creations that are a complete gift to humans from God. (The only thing that would make them better is if they could pee and poop in the toilet.) Growing up, I always had cats as pets, in fact, I can't think of a time that I lived without a pet until I lost my last cat at 27. When I was little, I always dreamt of having a pet bear, a real live bear. Particularly a polar bear, but any bear would do. Dogs are wonderful also, I just have trouble with the smell. Needless to say, Dixie quickly won my heart and in secret when no one was looking, I'd sit and snuggle with her. She was a licker, but knew I didn't like to be licked, so she would put her face right on my cheek for a hug.

Vizsla's are know as the velcro dog. They love their people, want to please and they always stay close. They also have a ton of energy.

Mr. C always wanted a dog that could go everywhere with us and one that could keep up. Dixie was certainly that! I wanted a dog that didn't stink. Well, guess what, Vizslas don't stink! Yeah, give them a couple weeks of no bath and a 100 degree day where they are running around outside, it's like a kid, they will get a little stinky. But on a regular basis, Dixie did not have dog smell. I could pet her and not walk away with stinky hands.

Dixie certainly could keep up. In fact she wouldn't stop going when we were out. We had to put limits on her since she was still a puppy. When she was at the beach she would run and leap through the waves forever. If we'd go to the sand, she would dig like she was digging to china! She just loved it all.

At home as long as she got her hour play time/walk in the morning, she would be resting where ever most people were in the house.

Dixie was alway so happy when she was allowed to sit on the couch with us. No matter how little room there was she would find a way to fit.

After about a month of swimming and lots of encouraging with unlimited treats Dixie finally went in the water on her own. It didn't take long before she was swimming circles in the pool. She especially loved swimming to the kids and licking their faces to death. Now that it's winter, she would go and sit in the spa with us too.

Dixie would play hard and sleep hard.

Vizslas are such snuggle dogs and Dixie was true to her breed. Her second favorite place to sleep was in her cozy cave. Her first favorite place to sleep was deep under the covers right up next to Mr. C.

This picture is just cute. She loved to roll in dirt or the dead grass after we turned out water off because of the drought.

One thing Mr. C loved to do with Dixie was go out to the park so she can stalk rabbits. She would creep up to the storage bins going really slow and peek her head around waiting till she found something to charge. It was really funny to watch.

When I was cooking, Dixie loved to sit on my kitchen rug that was on top of my gel mat. It was supposed to be to keep my feet from getting sore, but Dixie wouldn't leave any room for me.

It's like a big cat! C reads before bed and Dixie would love to snuggle up right on top of him.

One of Dixie's favorite places was the desert. We camp there and Dixie would have so much fun playing in the circle of trailers, running around with her friend Dallas, occasionally coming by and sitting by the fire for about 5-10 minutes before she would be off again chasing RC cars, looking for rabbits or going shooting with a group of people. She would get so tired that we would have to put her in the trailer with the door shut to get her to rest. She would look out the window for about 10 minutes then finally give in, snuggle in her cozy cave and be out to the world. 

All pooped out after spending hours in the desert chasing RC cars and playing with her friend Dallas.

After the desert, a friend there said she was going to pick up Dixie a rain jack at her work. She brought by last Tuesday. This was the last picture taken of Dixie. Later that night she went on a walk with Mr. C. She was so excited she was spinning in circles. It had been raining that day and she didn't like the rain in her face. 

She went out and did her little rabbit hunt. She had so much fun. But something happened and she left the fenced in area. When Craig spotted her she was stopped. He called her and she took off into the street and in an instant she got hit. The people stopped brought her to the side walk and Mr. C picked her up. They drove Mr. C and Dixie to the hospital, but she passed in Mr. C's arms on the way.

Dixie was such a blessing to our family. I will never know why our time with her was so short. Maybe it was just as simple a little reminder to us that life can be taken in an instant and to enjoy every moment. At least that's something good we can take from it. Or maybe she gave us all the joy she was meant to give. Either way, I truly believe God uses everything for good. No matter how sad we are to loose Dixie, there is still something to take from it. We really do need to slow down and enjoy every moment more. It is too easy to get caught up in the fast pace business of life. Animals are such an amazing creation that were given to us for enjoyment. We really loved Dixie and the time she with us and it won't be long before we have another little puppy running around here again. Even so, we will always miss that little puppy that stole our hearts from the beginning.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Finally!!! I have a kitchen back!

It's done! I can't believe it. September 23rd we discovered we were loosing about 200 gallons of water a day under our house and we turned the water off. That started us on a long journey of holes in our house, dust everywhere, eating out and constant people in our house. Oh, and did I mention, a torn apart kitchen? Well, it was a long 78 days and I almost, just almost cracked this weekend. But, I made it and it was all worth it.

Remember this kitchen?

Not bad, it looks clean and well kept up. But it was very dark and even if it is nice maple cabinets, I LOVE white! I also didn't like the travertine in the kitchen, it's just not practical. One spill and it soaks right in. (Just wait till you see my floor choice.) I was so over the "Verde Peacock" granite. Black with iridescent green circles all over. Luckily it was so dark in there the green was hard to see. But, it did go with the lovely forest green carpet this house came with.

Remember this lovely stove that didn't fit more then 2 - 3 pots at a time?

Much better! I can actually use all 5 burners at the same time, even if I am using a big frying pan next to a big stock pot. I also like the design much better.

Ok, enough of my chatter, I will show more pictures. At least now you finally got to see my back splash choice.

This was just 5 days ago. They were putting up the back splash and I couldn't use the kitchen at all that day. Just looking at the mess sends tension up my neck.

This was Tuesday, 2 days ago. My wonderful husband took time away from work to help me put in the floor. He is much more patient with the cuts around the cabinets. I would probably get too frustrated after a while, try to rush and saw my finger or something.


Finally, tonight, right when we got home, little C sat at his normal spot at the counter immediately. I feel like he and L spend half their lives right at that counter, L on the end and C right there. Any time I am in the kitchen, that's where they are. Homework... right there. Any kind of art or craft... right there, breakfast, snack or just hungry... there they are.

Ooh, under cabinet lights.

Now, I need to paint the whole house. Well, the kitchen that is attached to the dinning room and living room that is attached to the hall.

I don't know if I showed the sink before with the little tiny garbage disposal side, but I can't even tell you how wonderful this sink is. I actually like doing dishes in it. (Maybe that's just cause I was so over not having a sink at all for over a month.) I don't know if I will ever say like and dishes in the same sentence again.

Remember why I didn't like the travertine? Funny, I put wood in my kitchen. I have a very good reason, after we put wood in our entire house, we had about 500 square feet left! That's a lot of wood just sitting in our garage taking up a lot of space. So, that combined with the fact that it matches the rest of the house and it is way more forgiving then tile we decided to put it in. Also, if something happens, we have almost 200 square feet left.

Yeah, I do remember saying I wasn't going to keep chattering. But it just happens when I am so excited. Tomorrow I get to enjoy my kitchen with some friends for a meal prep party and on Sunday, I get to enjoy it with loads of family. We finished just in time!

Good night! Now, I can sleep well in a clean quiet finished house.