Saturday, March 12, 2016

Re-finishing Oak

If you have been following for a little while, you have slowly seen the Mr. C's office transform. We have been working on the front waiting room but have not been able to finish it. In the mean time, here is the magazine rack that I have re-finished.

I have mentioned before that oak is everywhere. I wanted to update this magazine rack.

I filled in the wood grain with some stainable wood fill.

Then sanded it down smooth.

I wanted to show the difference, so on the inside of the rack, I didn't fill the in the wood grain. You can still see all those tiger stripes in the oak.

Here is the front where I filled and sanded. Quite a difference in the look of the wood. It still has some variation in the color, but it does not at all look the same.

Here is the finished rack! I was really happy with the way it turned out.

Yes, the wall is a different color. But, I can't do a final reveal of the waiting area because there are a couple major things that are not finished and it just looks, well... unfinished. Even a couple patients have asked if we are moving... Hopefully we can change that soon.

In case you missed them, her are some posts on the hallway and Mr. C's office.


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Weekend Project

L got her very own sewing desk! I found this adorable desk on Craigslist...

Unfortunately, I was not in the mood for a project this big. This desk needed a lot of work! The pulls needed to be scrubbed, not just cleaned, really scrubbed, just look at that rust!

The paint was thick with lots of wear.

I really didn't want to dive into this project so I went to a furniture store looking for a couch and found this cute cheap desk. I was with a friend that warned me, price matches quality. I didn't care, I just wanted simple. I got it home, put it together and was already regretting my decision. My husband was appalled! He was so against this desk, plus, L's room stunk that night like chemicals. The desk was all particle board and it was missing paint in some areas. 

I told my husband I would get the other desk if he would watch the kids and dog all weekend while I worked away. So, I took the desk back we went and looked at the craigslist desk in person and had to get it. It was old, well built and perfect for L's needs. He LOVED that the drawers were tong and groove. I liked that it was solid and I could make it just how L wanted. She is a very particular little girl.

I was going to sand it all, but Mr. C said I should use a stripper first. I found an eco friendly one so that worked for me. It hardly had a smell at all.

The stripper worked so well!! I still did a lot of sanding to make the desk as smooth as I could because L wanted it white with gold drawers. White shows everything.

The drawers were the easiest so I started with those. L was insistent that she had gold drawers and I think it's a big deal to let my kids personalities come out in decorating their rooms. (Within limits of course.) She actually wanted drawers that were gold, light pink and dark pink. That was a bit much so I convinced her that if we did that, the desk might not grow with her, she may get sick of it.

I was worried about the pulls because they are 2 different sizes, both unusual sizes, so I was hoping when they were cleaned that L would like them. Unfortunately, when I cleaned them, 2 of them were real solid brass. The rest were brass plated. I should have left them rusted and tarnished, that would have looked much better.

First coat of paint and the desk is looking great!

 After all the work cleaning the handles and searching the internet, Hoby Loby, World Market, Home Depot, Osh, Ace (who has thousands of pulls), I could not find matching pulls in 2 and 2.5 inch. I even looked for some pulls that would look good together and this size is near impossible to find! I found a couple 2 inch ones, but no 2.5 inch. So, I painted them white...

I really don't like them white, so I ruffed them up a bit. Still don't like them, but they are better. I bought some hammered paint, but L absolutely doesn't like that color. For now I am going to let them sit for a while, I screwed them in loosely incase I find what I'm looking for in the right size I can replace them. I may just paint one the other color and put it on so L can get used to it then I can change them all. But overall I love the desk and her little spunk that comes out in her decorating.

Don't forget the last picture, there is a little surprise when she opens the drawers.

L got her pink on the inside of the drawers and it's not just light pink. The spray can's I used to paint the inside of the drawers was terrible!!! They must have been really old because I shook and shook them and they were spitting out particles and the color would change. Some of her drawers fade from light to dark. If I had started with the pink, I may not have finished the project!

Now, she can sew all day long and we can still eat dinner on our table. (That little bag on her chair, she sewed herself!

If you are interested, here are some of the products I used on this project.

For desk:

For the drawers, I used the same Universal line but in a Metallic and the color was Champagne Mist. I can't find it on amazon at the moment.

For the stripper:

To clean the handles (it works great on pots and pans also):

Now, I need to work on her wall...