Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kids Bath

Wow! We have come a long way. I was just looking back at this post and I was encourage and amazed. First, let me give you a little explanation on where I have been. On July 1st we moved into our new house. It was a construction zone and for a while we slept on a blow up mattress in the living room on concrete floors. It wasn't until August that the kids had beds in their rooms and a few weeks later that our blow up mattress was in our room. By September we had a bed in our room. That entire time we had no internet and we still have no TV. So, long story short, we have been working on the house so much that I haven't been able to blog it.

Now we have some rooms almost all the way done. By almost, I mean, there are no decorations on the walls. I have been anxious to get back to blogging so I am going to start posting before I start decorating.

Remember this bathroom?

We were not going to completely remodel this bathroom. We were going to give it a face lift. Well, the second Friday into demo, the Friday we were supposed to be done with demo, Mr. C decides we need to gut it. Yep! completely gut the bathroom. We went back and forth about 10 times that day on yes and no till finally on the condition that it is demoed and the entire bathroom was at the dump by 4 pm Saturday (closing), then I would be ok with it.

Saturday morning, bright and early, here is our amazing crew. I am so grateful NOW for the decision because Mr. C was right, it needed to be gutted. I am also so grateful to this wonderful demo crew who got the job done on my time schedule.

See, up at that first picture? There is a wall between the vanity and toilet. That is GONE! Yay.

The plumbing was completely replaced by our wonderful plumber, A.K.A. Mr. C's dad. Although this is Mr. C getting himself a little dirty after turning on the water to check for leaks. Good thing we checked cause the water went everywhere!

Here is the bathroom with a new tub and ready for paint. Picking paint colors was the worst job for this room. It took me forever.

But, one night I went to Home Depot, (without Mr. C) grabbed my tile and picked the first color that went with it. I LOVE it.

Those glass tiles are what I matched the paint to. There is Mr. C, and our plumber, did I mention he is also the tiler and electrician?

Back to that lovely paint. It kept pealing. Turns out the old stuff was oil based. We pealed ALL the paint off the walls, I primered with a special primer for that purpose and repainted only to paint with a new can that was mixed too dark. So, back to the store for yet another can of paint in the right shade. This bathroom has been painted way too many times. Between multiple coats, scraping, primer, re-paint and re-paint the total comes to 9 times!

Here we are making progress! See that cabinet? That is the second cabinet we got for this bathroom. My husband who is a perfectionist didn't measure the first time and bought a cabinet that was way to small. We realized it after we carried it upstairs and put it in the spot.

Progress and no more mistakes!

All done! Usable, working, clean bathroom. It works great for a family of 4. It gets a little messy, but we still have a lot of work to do in the other bathrooms.

Hopefully, I will be able to update more often now.