Thursday, June 2, 2016

C gets a desk now too!

My neighbor offered me an old oak desk if I wanted it for either of my kids. When I went to look at it, I was shocked at what great condition it was in. It looked brand new, all the drawers rolled smooth and it it solid! Of course I wanted it! 

C has been asking for a desk since I was looking at desks for L. He has also been planning what color he wanted me to paint it.

This desk was quite fun to work on. There were no little cracks that I had to remove paint from first, I got to get right down to sanding and filling all the oak grain.

If you do this yourself, buy a fresh container of DAP Latex Plastic Wood. Mine was a little dried out, which made it really difficult to put on and it didn't get into the grain as well. I bought a new one and it went in much better.

C wanted a black desk, so I talked him into a dark gray desk with an almost black top. I went with an ebony stain and used spray paint on the desk. I wanted to try the mat spray over it, but I wasn't sure how it would turn out so I left it shinny. C choose the red chair.

We are slowly adding things to his walls now. Finally after 4 years in this house. 

If his room was a little cleaner, I would take pictures from far away. Here is his wall that we added stripes to, remember from this post to lighten up the room. He wanted that so bad, I couldn't understand why he wanted a black desk.

C picked out all the signs for his walls.

Hopefully he can keep his shelves a little nicer and not so cluttered. He is my organized pack rat.