Why I Blog?

I have been blogging off and on since 2011. I love to make things wether it is knitting, sewing, cooking or DIY projects around the house. Pre-blog, I always wanted to share what I would make with someone. I'd take pictures and send it to a friend or put it on Facebook. With blogging, I can put it out there to share with other crafty people and these cool linky parties I found. I love looking at everyone's crafty blogs, it totally inspires me to get productive and creative. I hope mine will do the same for other people also. I have found that I also love learning about photography. My pictures are not anything special, but it sure is a lot of fun to experiment. You may see some actual terrible pictures at times because we all make mistakes and I like to be real. If a picture didn't turn out perfect and it's the only one that shows something specific, I'm still going to use the picture. 

Before I actually started blogging, I thought about it for almost a year! I am thrilled that so many people are looking at my stuff and actually liking it! I just can't believe it. It really excites me and makes me want to create more. I love to see each day that more people are visiting my blog. I even have wonderful followers. If you like what you see and are not following, please click follow at the right.

Now, here is what I have used to have planned for my little blog. (I haven't updated this because after taking about a 3 year break from consistent blogging, it was fun to read where I was at and what I was doing.) Right now, I am on a sewing kick. There is not really anything good growing in the garden, just some carrots so I'm not doing my lovely gardening, but I will be showing some of the preparation for spring. Once spring is underway, I will have tons and tons of stuff to blog about from the garden. Usually early winter I start on my knitting and make all kinds of beanies, socks and dresses. I love doing that just as it starts to get really cold. Sometimes when I do fun creative stuff with the kids I will post that also. We have so much fun getting messy around here especially since it's mostly dirt, so I hope you enjoy, keep coming back and follow my blog.

What I have planned now is some cooking which is different then before because we have some food sensitivities that we have discovered in the past 3 years. I also want to have some sewing projects, although I am not currently sewing as much for fun. :-( Hopefully, I will do some knitting and crocheting. Although last year I only did a couple things because it didn't get cold, winter kind of skipped us in So Cal. I want to start gardening again, since our move 3 years ago I haven't gotten a garden going, but that is a goal for this year. Most of my projects have been house decor or renovation. I will continue to do that as it comes up. Lastly, any fun hikes or vacations we take might end up on here. Basically, this blog is a hodge podge of what ever I feel like. I hope to be more consistent on here again even with the life changes of growing kids and constant sports with the bigger responsibilities of owning and caring for a house.

Although this blog is for fun, I have found that there are ways to earn a little money by Google Ad Sense and Amazon Affiliates. If I use a product that I love in my recipes or any thing else I am blogging about, I will put a link to it for a couple of reasons, one so you can easily find the product and 2 because if you buy from my link I get a very small portion from it. If I find a good thing, I like to share it! I figure others will love it also.