Sunday, June 29, 2014

Road Trip: Day's 1 & 2

As long as Craig and I have known each other, we have wanted to do a really awesome road trip. We've talked and dreamt about it for years. Out of all the places we would go Yellowstone has always been at the top of our list. We'd always say, one day, we will take a month and go to Yellowstone. But the reality of taking a month off seemed impossible. Until May this year. Craig had surgery in March and hasn't been able to work. Since, he hired another doctor to work at his office, he thought there wouldn't be a better time to go then now and the planning began! We will actually be gone for 5 weeks, I can't even believe it. Oh yeah, one more detail, we decided to rent out our house while we are gone.

After a crazy week of packing and cleaning and not letting the kids use anything in the rooms that were cleaned, we finally were off.

The week was crazy! Trying to have the house perfect for renters was stressful enough in itself, but the endless lists I was creating trying to prepare for a month in a trailer and having a birth in the week before we left added to the stress. But we got it all done. I think the only thing I forgot was the butter I bought on sale. Now, my renters have 3 tubs of whipped butter while they are there. But the fridge was so packed with food for 2 weeks that I don't think there would have been room anyway.

Don't the kids look so happy to be on the road? I wonder how long these smiling faces will last in the car.

State Line! Yay, almost to our first stop in Vegas.

And we made it, Day 1, KOA Circus, Circus, Las Vegas, Nevada. What a lovely site with ample shade.

Craig & little C are trying to cool off under the air. It was 110 in Vegas and there was no shade.

I thought it would be cool for the kids to see a casino for the first time, but the walk over was so horribly hot! We had to stop in the general KOA store to cool off 1/2 way to the hotel.

1st experience on a people mover. Funny thing, as we were walking over, C says, "Wouldn't it be cool if when you were tired that the sidewalk would just move for you and you didn't have to walk?"

Old school video games. C played the Simpson game. We all played it first, but one of the characters didn't work, I told a worker and she gave C 14 credits. He played for a long time not knowing he had 14 credits and he was so excited that he was "so good" at it because he played for "so long."

Day 2: Heading to Provo, Utah. I love the red mountains with green trees all around. I thought the whole state was going to be like this, but it's not. It's a lot of nothing till you get near Provo. Most of the states population is around the Salt Lake area. The rest is a tiny town every 30 miles with populations of around 500.

Still doing good in the car.

And we made it. C & L were acting like they were so starving, then they play with their food.

We were happy to see this campground looks more like a campground. Plus it's only 89 instead of 110.

We set up and walked 1/4 a mile to Utah Lake, it's the 3rd largest lake in the western US. Too bad it's not so clear. Apparently the state is working on that. It is really warm and nice to swim in. This was our scenery on one side and the other was a little family farm. 

Lake Utah with mountains surrounding.


C & L have been very helpful with dinner and dishes. I'm working hard on that and hoping it sticks when we get home. Everybody has to do their part.

Craig thought it was so funny that there were Twinkles everywhere at Walmart. This wasn't a real Walmart to OC standards, it was just a grocery store. I've never heard of a Neighborhood Walmart. But I sure like their prices. Chex cereal was only $1.98, at Albertson's, I pay $4.59! Maybe I should try shopping at Walmart at home.

That's it for today, tomorrow, we should be seeing Bridal Vale Falls.