Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yummy 4th of July

It was my turn to bring dessert to our weekly taco Tuesday and I wanted something with strawberries so this is what I came up with.

It was SO yummy! I just couldn't get enough. C isn't too fond of strawberries so I got to eat all his. Strange kid.

Here is the recipe if you'd like:

6 lbs strawberries
1 pkg instant vanilla pudding (bigger one)
1 bigger container cool whip
1 box vanilla wafers
some blueberries

I typically don't measure when I cook, so this is as good as you are going to get. Anyway, to make it, first make the pudding. Once the pudding sets up, fold in the cool whip. Then Layer vanilla wafers on the bottom, pudding/cool whip mix and strawberries. Repeat but on the top layer, add stripes of strawberries and use the blueberries for the stars part of the flag.

This dessert was SO yummy!!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beach Blankets

I tend to get stuck at the beach either when it's cold and I'm wearing something for warmer weather because it was hot at my house OR when I think it's going to be cold and I don't have a towel, but it turns out to be nice and I end up in the water. So... I need a beach blanket that would serve both purposes. This is what I came up with.

That's L on it with her little 4th of July dress. The blankets go perfect! Anyway, on the top, I have fleece and the bottom is terry cloth. The fleece is super warm and the terry cloth absorbs the water if I decide to go in.

I love it! It stays in my car and is perfect for a pic-nic, ball game or the beach. When I made my blanket, my sister-in-law got one for Christmas, and my father-in-law got one for his boat in yellow because his boat is yellow and white.

These blankets have gotten a ton of use. There is just one small problem with my blanket. When I went on that hike with all the poison oak, I used my blanket that night at dinner when I was freezing before I went home to shower. Well, the oil from the poison oak transferred to the blanket. Every time I use it, I get mild poison oak where I hold the blanket under my arm. I used the darn blanket Friday, Saturday I got a few spots on my arm, used it again yesterday at the beach and more spots appeared this morning. So, last night I washed the blanket for the 4th time since the poison oak incident. Today, I used the blanket again at the beach. I'm praying it's all washed out.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

4th of July Dress

Last year, I made L a little dress for the 4th. I made it a little long so she could wear it again this year. Holiday stuff just doesn't get worn enough. So, I pulled it out yesterday and it fit perfect. My little girl has gotten taller, but hasn't gained much weight. She's just a little peanut.

I just did a very basic dress, cut 3 pieces for the front, 2 for the bodice and 1 for the skirt. Then for the back I cut one piece and smocked the top part of it so it fits nice and snug and pulls over easy.

I used ribbon for the bow and the straps. I had some ribbon hanging down from the bow too, but that frayed since I didn't use any fray block, so I had to remove that.

It's hard to take a picture of one without the other sneaking in.

Very simple, just my style.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011


It has been a while since I have had my home made gas. We finally got enough oil to do about 30 gallons and we will have one more batch soon.

It's probably been 2 months of buying gas at the pumps for close to $5! It has been terrible. Since many have asked how the gas is made I have some pictures for you. I still can't answer the question other then it bets warmed (green barrel), transfered and mixed and mixed again (white barrels).

All these levers help with the transferring and mixing process.

Then, it separates, the soap gets removed and finally it gets filtered and flows into my big gas (black) barrel that I fill up from (red pump).

Those filters were made out of old soda kegs. My husband actually made the entire thing. It's pretty cool, but I never paid enough attention to learn how to do it. I leave that up to him. We each have our projects, I like to stick to the sewing and painting. He loves chemistry and building.

Don't I have a wonderful husband to do all this for me. :-) Well, I guess it's for him too.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Father's Day

I know, I know, it's way past Father's Day. But we were on vacation so we didn't do my husband's present until this week. Two years ago we started a little tradition for Father's Day. I got my husband those little stones that you can make and put hand prints in them. He loved them and I told him we can make the stones every year and eventually have stepping stones throughout our garden with the kids hand prints as they grow. At the time we didn't have a garden, but he loved the idea.

Here is the first one, yes I know, it's a horrible picture...

Here is our second one...

Now we are ready to do this years.

The kids love doing these. They were so excited.

It's so cool, each year we can see how much bigger C and L's little hands are. I love little baby/kid hands. They are so cute. I wish I can keep them little forever. At least I get to see how little they were each year as they grow.

What little artists I have.

Yes, my husband gets something special from me too. But this is something we look forward to every year.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's growing and not growing...

We planted our spring garden I think a little over a month ago. So, it should be growing like crazy by now. We had some issues with the watering and our corn flowered way too soon, the squash didn't grow and I lost some of the tomatoes. Now that we got it all straightened out, I think we are finally growing strong. Maybe another month and I can start posting organic recipes. 

Anyway, here is what is growing and not growing...

Some of the onions are looking good, some are kind of small. There is an elephant garlic down there and 2 regular ones. I'm letting them dry out to see how they turned out. I sure hope the elephant garlic turned out. I love roasted garlic.

This is the biggest onion I have EVER seen!

This is the second year for our strawberries. They usually get eaten by the rolly pollies, but then a squirrel found it's way into our garden by a hose that was left draped over the little fence. That darn squirrel ate ALL of our strawberries, even ones that were not ripe. But, once I took the hose away, the squirrel can't get in so we have beautiful strawberries again. Also, for some reason, there are a few less rolly pollies. If you have a good trick to get rid of the rolly pollies PLEASE, please tell me. Organic though.

We have 3 artichoke plants, one was amazing grew so fast and then it started to do terrible. The plant was turning black and the artichokes were misshapen. Today I discovered it was aphids! I kept thinking that, but didn't see any. Well, it's the green kind on a green plant, of-course I didn't see any! I sprayed Neam oil today and every day I'm just going to blast them off with the hose. That should work.

At least the plant that wasn't doing so good is doing much better now and I have this beauty...

Here are the peppers. Much better so far then last year. I still need some shade. I'm thinking another basil plant.

Since my other corn planted with my squash and beans didn't do so well, Mr. C planted a bunch more off on their own. Now I get to "watch my corn pop up in rows." Ha, ha! I just had to say that. Yes, I am a country fan much to the disappointment of my husband.

Here is a very sad tomato plant. Who needs tomatoes anyway...

Ok, I suppose I can use them for cooking. This one is doing much better with more water.

And, that is how my garden is growing. It's on it's way to getting better. This is what I have been working on instead of sewing. I weeded SO much this morning and got covered in aphids. I can't stand those little things.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Big Sur

I haven't abandoned my blog, I was just on vacation. We went on a nice family vacation with some good friends.

Saw some beautiful scenery...

Did some hiking...

and climbing...

Yes, that is my child in his underwear climbing that cliff. Typical little C!

Had some good food...


and got dirty...

I just love my girl and her daddy! Just had to put this one in too.

It was a great vacation! We went to Big Sur, CA it was absolutely beautiful.

How is your summer starting?


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thrify Dress

Another refashion. Well, can you call it an re-"fashion" if it came from a sheet, not another piece of clothing? I don't know, so that's what I'm going to call it. Remember this sheet?

Well, I got started on a little pillow case dress. I found these cute ribbons at Michael's for a dollar each. My original plan was to get thick black ribbon with white polka dots for the bottom of the dress. But, these were only a buck each so, I decided to use them going down the front of the dress.

Then, I decided to have some fun with the stitches on my machine for the first time. I liked the way it turned out. L did too, but she didn't want to admit it.

It would have been nice if I looked at the fabric before I cut the arm holes because I did the dress upside down... oops. If you look, all the butterflies are flying upside down. Oh, well. Nobody noticed today at Lego Land.

See, L does like it, she is still trying to act unhappy about it though. That didn't last long.

I can still use the black and white polka-dot ribbon because I can make 2 or 3 more dresses out of this sheet. I have 2 cut already. Nice easy gift. I think I will do thicker ribbon on the sleeves though.


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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Upfashioned Swim Trunks

I have had these old swim trunks of my husbands for about a year and a half now. I have wanted to make little C some swim trunks out of them, but I just haven't felt excited about it. This year C finally needs some and I saw a little post on made that inspired me. Too bad I didn't get a before picture for you guys.

The only thing I needed was elastic. The string was already on the original shorts.

They are so easy because I made them with out a side seam. This is probably the second easiest thing I've ever sewed. I love doing pants/shorts without a side seam. I did it on L's bloomers for her upcycled dress.

Here is the front, I reused the string and the little flap that it ties through. I did have to cut it down a little.

I also used the original pocket to the shorts. No cutting on there because there is no side seam. See, easy!

They are a little long and a tad loose so there is room to grow since this boy seems to grow every other week!


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