Before & After

I wanted to have a page that has all our house remodel before and after in one spot. I recently started going through all of our pictures and when I saw the beginning pictures, I was amazed. I don't know what we were thinking! Every single part of this house needed work. The kitchen needed only minor repairs, but everything else needed to be completely gutted. I will never forget having a conversation with our home inspector who wanted to talk to my husband privately to tell him, "This is a bad house. Don't buy it." It is not often you hear a home inspector say that. But we bought it anyway. Have fun looking through our journey.

Pool Clean Up

Kid's Bathroom

Master Bath

L's Room

Living Room

Down Stairs Bathroom

Back Patio
There is also a Back Yard Progress post.
Then there is this post from the start of the Patio Work.

Master Bedroom

C's Room

Fireplace Makeover

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