Sunday, May 20, 2012

Master Bed

Ever since Mr. C and I married, we never got a "real" bed. We have our mattress and box spring just sitting on a metal frame. The furniture we picked out when we got married only came with a sleigh bed and it just seemed too big for our room. We have decided it was time for a bed and Mr. C wanted a project.

I love this bed from Pottery Barn! But it is a bit expensive. Mr. C thought he could make it for much less. He did make it for less, but it was still expensive and took a long time. Mr. C is a bit of a perfectionist and we had a couple accidents with both the head board and foot board falling over.

Clean up.

I have not been able to park in the garage for months!

I was so excited when Mr. C said he can put it together in our room.

C enjoyed putting it together too.

All that time my garage was taken up was SO worth it. It is beautiful!

I love it! It is our first adult bed, now Mr. C just has to make the night stands and dresser.


  1. Oh my, it is beautiful. Mr C, you are now officially a custom carpenter like Jesus was. You did a great & very professional job. Can't wait to see the night stands.

  2. Very nice! Thanks for sharing at our Handmade Tuesdays party.