Thursday, December 10, 2015

Finally!!! I have a kitchen back!

It's done! I can't believe it. September 23rd we discovered we were loosing about 200 gallons of water a day under our house and we turned the water off. That started us on a long journey of holes in our house, dust everywhere, eating out and constant people in our house. Oh, and did I mention, a torn apart kitchen? Well, it was a long 78 days and I almost, just almost cracked this weekend. But, I made it and it was all worth it.

Remember this kitchen?

Not bad, it looks clean and well kept up. But it was very dark and even if it is nice maple cabinets, I LOVE white! I also didn't like the travertine in the kitchen, it's just not practical. One spill and it soaks right in. (Just wait till you see my floor choice.) I was so over the "Verde Peacock" granite. Black with iridescent green circles all over. Luckily it was so dark in there the green was hard to see. But, it did go with the lovely forest green carpet this house came with.

Remember this lovely stove that didn't fit more then 2 - 3 pots at a time?

Much better! I can actually use all 5 burners at the same time, even if I am using a big frying pan next to a big stock pot. I also like the design much better.

Ok, enough of my chatter, I will show more pictures. At least now you finally got to see my back splash choice.

This was just 5 days ago. They were putting up the back splash and I couldn't use the kitchen at all that day. Just looking at the mess sends tension up my neck.

This was Tuesday, 2 days ago. My wonderful husband took time away from work to help me put in the floor. He is much more patient with the cuts around the cabinets. I would probably get too frustrated after a while, try to rush and saw my finger or something.


Finally, tonight, right when we got home, little C sat at his normal spot at the counter immediately. I feel like he and L spend half their lives right at that counter, L on the end and C right there. Any time I am in the kitchen, that's where they are. Homework... right there. Any kind of art or craft... right there, breakfast, snack or just hungry... there they are.

Ooh, under cabinet lights.

Now, I need to paint the whole house. Well, the kitchen that is attached to the dinning room and living room that is attached to the hall.

I don't know if I showed the sink before with the little tiny garbage disposal side, but I can't even tell you how wonderful this sink is. I actually like doing dishes in it. (Maybe that's just cause I was so over not having a sink at all for over a month.) I don't know if I will ever say like and dishes in the same sentence again.

Remember why I didn't like the travertine? Funny, I put wood in my kitchen. I have a very good reason, after we put wood in our entire house, we had about 500 square feet left! That's a lot of wood just sitting in our garage taking up a lot of space. So, that combined with the fact that it matches the rest of the house and it is way more forgiving then tile we decided to put it in. Also, if something happens, we have almost 200 square feet left.

Yeah, I do remember saying I wasn't going to keep chattering. But it just happens when I am so excited. Tomorrow I get to enjoy my kitchen with some friends for a meal prep party and on Sunday, I get to enjoy it with loads of family. We finished just in time!

Good night! Now, I can sleep well in a clean quiet finished house. 


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