Monday, February 22, 2016

Office Facelift: Part 2

Remember this post? It's been a while since we have been able to do anything to the office. We did paint the front, but nothing else has been done. We are waiting to finish that. But more recently, we face lifted the front hallway.

Here is a picture of the back hallway so you can get an idea of how it looked before.

The wallpaper was probably more of a mauve or rose when it was new. It has since faded to a pink color and these oak cabinets and shelves are everywhere.

We took away the, old faded pictures with think gold frames and oak cabinets (you can see one to the left of the picture). Then we added these metal and glass cabinets. We added a little decor with the more modern plant and the metal art work above the cabinets.

We also removed the wall paper, textured the wall and painted.

In this picture below, you can see the older type of plant that tops all of the cabinets in the office.

It's starting to look fresh and new! We are very happy with the way this hallway turned out. Now we need to finish the front waiting area. After all, that is the very first thing you see when walking in the office. Once we finish that, we will move on to the rest of the halls.

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