Monday, September 7, 2015

Little C's Room

Well, I am sharing another incomplete project. This one needs some decorating. Here was little C's room before we closed escrow over 3 years ago now.

It was a lovely purple with forest green carpet and black trim.

We picked a nice blue for his room that went well with the dark floors. But C always though his room was too dark. He wanted me to pain the whole thing over again. C loves to keep so much stuff out and he fills up his skate board shelves so much that you can't even tell what they are. It's so hard to let him have his own style. I want them to have some freedom in their rooms, but also keep it clean and within some bounds. The shelves and dresser are just something I have to let go of. 

I didn't really want to repaint the whole thing and I had wanted to do some stripes from the beginning.

So, I talked C into letting me add a really, really light blue color for the stripes.

It's always nice to have some help!

This Green Frog Tape is the best! If you use it, just make sure you press it on really well and take it off when the paint is still wet. You can either click on my link or buy it at any home improvement or paint store.

The stripes actually turned out really good! I was very happy, they ended up being straight and level.

Little C doesn't sleep very well in the morning when the sun comes up so I also made him some black out curtains for his room. He picked the fabric. The stripes actually did end up lightening up his room quite a bit. Little C is very happy with them and is willing to keep the blue paint for a while.

Remember, I mentioned the things C likes to keep out, well he apparently likes to hang things from his ceiling fan also.

Here is the final Before and After! What a difference, but the sad thing is, when I showed C these pictures together, he looked for a while and then said, "I like it purple better." and walked away. 


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