Sunday, August 21, 2011

Backyard Camp-out

Well, the party is over and I need some sleep. L's nap is going on her 3rd hour. The kids all went to sleep in their lovely tents at 10:15 last night and they were all up by 6:15 this morning.

Here is the cake. Cole picked what he wanted on the top and I decided on cake and icing. (Chocolate with cream cheese and marshmallow mixed for frosting.)

Here is all the food, cake table and goodie bags. The kids LOVED them. I will never again put whistles in a goodie bag.

Here are the sleeping quarters.

Here is the gang going on a hike. I'm taking the pictures so it looks like mom never made it to the birthday.

After about 2 hours in the morning of running around, playing kittens, and all kinds of stuff, the kids settled in for a board game.

This group of kids is just amazing. They all play so well together and they all play together. Sometimes you will see them split up in little groups, but for the most part they are all having so much fun as one big group.

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