Sunday, October 9, 2011

DIY Trellis

Mr. C is totally motivated to get our garden going again. He just got to read his Mother Earth magazine this week and was very excited about the trellis made of sticks from the yard and we definitely have plenty of sticks laying around.

Isn't he just so sexy?! I just love it when he's being green. :-) Working on our garden and doing it with little impact. A man after my own heart.

We had our 2 kids + 3 more this week and Mr. C decided to do it that day, he took all 5 kids on a little hike down our very steep hill and collected all the sticks he needed for the trellis.

Here is the finished trellis. This box will hopefully grow snow peas. We will see in about a month.

Don't you just love all the weeds around the outside. That was my brilliant idea to grow alfalfa as a cover crop. That stuff sure was a pain! Oh well, you live, you learn.


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  1. I think you had a very good idea to make your own trellis, and hubby did a good job on it too! God bless x