Thursday, December 29, 2011

Knitted Christmas Dress

Last year I made this dress...

I loved how quick and easy it was to make. I also loved the randomness of the colors. It was a yarn that a friend bought for me and I new instantly it had to be in a dress. Well, this year for Christmas I thought I'd make L a new knitted dress. This time it wasn't so easy, I realized I was doing something wrong when I was almost finished. So, I had to rip the whole thing out 2 days before she had to wear it. I ended up working on it until the moment we left the house. But, at least I finished and got a picture in with her wearing it.

The dress ended up being a little big, but it worked. Maybe I will add a little flower to it and she can wear it again for Christmas next year. It was only a couple bucks. 1 skein of Red Heart yarn.

1 comment:

  1. Precious!! I made a vest called "Adam's Eve" which was written to also make it into a dress. It looks similar to what you've knit. Anyway, it was a nice pattern.