Monday, December 2, 2013

Glamping Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving we go camping somewhere. This year we went glamping. That's camping with full hook ups and no dirt. This year it was in Palm Springs. Here was where we stayed...

I've been to Palm Springs many times growing up, but never explored the area. I'm so glad we did, there is actually a lot to do there. On Thanksgiving, we took the Aerial Tramway up to the top where it is typically 40 degrees cooler then the bottom. That was pretty neat, there was some snow on the ground. If we had gone the next day, it we would have seen the snow coming down. Oh well, Friday worked out better for shopping in the rain.

It feels like you are going straight up the side of the mountain!

It made Mr. C a little nervous when we went over the rollers by the towers. It really got your stomach.

It is so close to Palm Springs, but so different. What a difference 6,000 feet in elevation makes! Dry desert at the bottom, cold, mountainy forest at the top.

L was dying to show off her sticks. She posed like this about 5 times before I actually took the picture.

I love bridges! I must take a picture at every bridge we cross!

And now to Thanksgiving evening. We always plan our trip and invite who ever wants to go. This year some family friends came and we had a big Thanksgiving dinner with them.

Look how cute! It was all decorated complete with a thankful table runner at one of the campsites.

The kids got to scooter between all the campsites while we waited for dinner.

They shared things they were thankful for like camping and colors.

And after dinner they got to watch a movie. Piled in a little trailer bed.

Saturday after some good Black Friday shopping at the outlets, we took a hike in Palm Springs. I had no idea there was such beautiful hiking in Palm Springs. It is a huge natural Palm grove with stream feed by natural springs.

It was absolutely amazing to see this beauty in the middle of the desert. It is on Indian land. Can you just imagine how it felt for the Indians to discover this in the middle of the desert?

As we hiked up from the canyon and around the mountain, this was the scenery. What an amazing difference in just a few steps. What an amazing creator we have!

2 completely different views from one point.

I am so glad we got to see some of the hidden beauties of Palm Springs. It was a very fun and relaxing weekend. Every afternoon we got to swim in the 89 degree pool and soak in the hot spa. Now, it's back to reality with the hustle and bustle of daily life, schedules and chores.

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  1. Good post! What an awesome Thanksgiving! (I can't believe I am just now getting around to reading about it!) I want to go there!