Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Chicken Fence

Here is our latest project!

In the last post, I showed you the comparison from last Thanksgiving to this Thanksgiving. After we finished the living room we took about a month or 2 off and then did some more work for about a month. Since then, we haven't done anything until now. 

One of our chickens died and we were not getting enough eggs with 2 chickens. So, we got 2 more chickens. Well, Bult, this red one

and blacky, this black one were not being very nice to our new chickens.

In-fact, they were attacking them when left in the coop. We had to let them roam so the new little ones, Lucy

and Jewl would be safe. But with the chickens having run of the entire yard, there was poop everywhere! Yes, EVERYWHERE. I couldn't stand walking out the back to to poop.

We decided to fence off the side of the yard so the chickens had a big enough area that they could share. They are getting along better and they stay with each other all day, but when it comes to food, they still fight. There is a definite pecking order with Blacky at the top and Jewl at the bottom.

I love the way the fence turned out! It blends right in and when my garden is growing this spring, it will look great. The only problem is Jewl is small enough that she can fly over it. At least the others can't!

While our fence was going up, Papa re-built with a few modifications C's climbing tower. It's now more like a tree house since it sits under the trees. C & L spend every possible moment in it now. They LOVE it!

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  1. You guys are so awesome! You should have your own t.v show!