Wednesday, January 8, 2014


L and I get eczema and years ago I discovered that Shea butter gets rid of it. However, Shea Butter by itself isn't very easy to rub into the skin. That's when I started experimenting to make something that I could rub into our skin easier. After researching different oils and how to make lotion, I came up with my own special blend.

Little batches seem to work best for me, but I love what I came up with. I found that it also heals those cracked, dry, flip flop wearing heals.

One of my friends noticed my soft feet and wanted some lotion for herself. She found these adorable jars at World Market. I absolutely love them!

Now I have eczema free, baby soft feet and lotion that we love around here!

To make my lotion, I take equal parts of Coconut Oil* and this Unrefined Shea butter. I mix that up until it is a uniform consistency and add in a little almond and avocado oil. The almond and avocado oil are about 1/2 parts of the Shea butter. This seems to give me the best creamy consistency without adding beeswax.

This lotion works best after an olive oil and salt scrub on the feet. For eczema, I will put the creamy lotion on the eczema patch about 3 times a day. If you are able to wrap the patch after putting on this cream, even better.

*I buy such a big coconut oil because I also use it in cooking every day. Pancakes are so much better with a little coconut oil in the pan then butter. Or any baking recipe that calls for oil, I always use coconut oil.


  1. Those are cute! Now you have an easy gift to give for any occasion!

  2. You should share the lotion recipe! :)