Friday, January 2, 2015

Back yard... Finally!

I know, it's been a while since I've updated. There hasn't been much excitement since our vacation this summer, but I have a little itch to do some projects around here. Since, we have been here for 3 summers now and our patio has been this:

This is what it was when we moved in! So the above is quite an improvement. 

A lovely out door rug with some dirt.

At least we spruced it up with an umbrella and new chairs for our table.

FINALLY, we are working on putting in a real patio. We decided on pavers, but that requires a lot of digging for the kids and I since Dr. C can't do that part. (Shoulder surgery last March.)

There was a small concrete area that needed to be removed also. Can you tell how thrilled the kids are to help?

C doesn't mind too much, it's L that can't stand doing any physical work. She cries and claims injury every time she has to clean her room. She does, however, like to pose for a picture.

Then I got to do all the heavy lifting and dumping in the trailer for the dump.

Doing the work that way was quite a big job for us, so Dr. C decided to barrow this little handy tractor from his uncle. This makes the work go a bit faster.

And allows the kids time to spend the day in their jammies making origami things.

Hopefully in a month, I'll be able to show you the finished paver patio. That is if we can decide what color to use.

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