Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Back Yard Progress...

This project has officially been my least favorite of all the projects we have done on this darn house. Here is what is used to look like incase you missed that post. It is not my least favorite because of the outcome, but because of the work. It is a darn hard job. Maybe I'm just forgetting the first 6 months after we got our keys, but I don't know... This was hard on my hands and my body.

Little C did some digging. The digging was very overwhelming because of how much dirt we had to dig out and it was very difficult to dig. Dr. C couldn't do any shoveling because of his healing shoulder.


Dr. C's generous uncle let us barrow his tractor while we were working on the patio! This helped us out tremendously!!!

Lot's of dirt!

Little C was dying to drive the tractor.

Pounded hard flat dirt and the beginning of the step. Almost ready for rock.

First, little C had to help build a table so we could use the tractor to dump the rock on. 

It worked great! Since the patio is up a level from the rest of the yard, we couldn't drive the tractor up and down with the rock or wheel the wheel barrow. Craig would dump the rock and I would shovel it into the wheel barrow and dump it where it needed to be.

Then I got to use that very heavy pounder again. That part is not so bad, it's getting it out of the truck that really stinks.

Finally! After all that prep work, (we started in December) we were ready for pavers and got our delivery mid February.

Stay tuned for the final stretch!

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  1. That all sounds...awful. I hope the final result is worth all that effort!