Monday, September 28, 2015

Progress, but more holes...

Today was a day of mess and progress! Yay!!! Here is where we are at:

If you have been following for some time, you may remember the roach problem. It took 2 years to fully get rid of them, but they have been gone for over a year now. I knew when the cabinets came out that we would see some old crispy dead ones and sure enough we did!

This is probably the reason for the roaches. Behind the cabinet there was some work done and a big piece of drywall was removed and put back. it was never finished at the bottom and right behind that it just went down deep into the ground with the plumbing. That is going to be sealed up before the remade cabinets go back in! I sure am glad we got to clean under the cabinets.

Here is just an exploratory hole. Can you tell it was made with a hammer. Nice and uneven, that will be fun to patch. All that insulation all over my bathroom also.

Another exploratory hole in the kids bathroom.

Bathroom holes made bigger and a lot of dirt!

More bathroom holes!

I used to say everything in this house is brand new except for the kitchen. We even re-did all the drains that are above the slab. Now, when this is done, all the plumbing will be new and the kitchen is no longer un touched! It's like a brand new house.

Loads of drywall dust!

You can see the kitchen from the bathroom.

These files I left out show how bad the dust is. I am going to have a lot of cleaning. Maybe Mr. C will let me get a one time cleaning person when all this is done.

The good news for today is, it looks like it officially is a re-route and NOT re-pipe. That is wonderful news! 


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  1. It makes me sad to see your beautiful house that you worked so hard on getting so dirty and all chopped open! I hope the problem gets resolved fast!!!