Saturday, July 23, 2016

Flying through the Jungle!

The morning started out with poring rain louder then I have ever heard at about 4 in the morning. It lasted until about 6 am then we got up to start our day of adventure. Little C went out to watch the rain.

We drove up to Sky Trek for zip lining and the early tour wasn't available. That was ok because it had just stopped raining and we got to take a little hike through the jungle.

These awesome bridges were pretty scary, but they gave us an amazing perspective of the jungle from way up above it.

This look out point hung out over the side of a cliff.

Top of the world!

Ready to go, we had to ride the sky tram up first. This is one of the highest zip lining tours in Costa Rica. Kids don't seem nervous at all.

L is serious but confident.

This is the little tiny practice line. The next one was so huge we couldn't see the end of it! Dr. C went first then C & L went together. My heart about fell out of my chest watching them go. L let out the loudest scream I've ever heard. C said he couldn't hear anything 1/2 way across and his ears were ringing even after I made it to the other side.

L needed to go with a guide holding on to her because she was too light. The guides were all so great with her.

We still can get over how calm L was on the zip line and that she didn't back out when she saw how high, far and fast it was.

After the zip lining, we drove to a little town to find a restaurant that the locals would eat at. The food again was so good!

After zip lining, we had time to swim at the hotel. It was such a relaxing afternoon. C & L visited all the slides while Dr. C and I could sit with a drink in the hot spring pool that has a swim up bar.

Hot springs pool with swim up bar.

Looking for food again we found this...

It was again good, but not as good as the other places.

Until tomorrow, Pura Vida!


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