Monday, August 8, 2016

Exploring Avellana Beach

We took a long drive on dirt roads to find this little surf beach. Dr. C wanted to eat dinner at Lola's and watch the sun set.

These trees were scattered all along the road. This was one of the smaller ones.

We got to the beach around noon (we had a late big breakfast), this gave us a lot of time to play in the water and on the beach before dinner. The tide was way out so there was lot of mud to dig in.

We made all kinds of little rivers going to our little lake.

Little C dug his own hole so deep that water was shooting into it. Then they both had to bury their legs into it.

The Matrix!

After playing in the water and digging in the sand for a few hours we decided to take a walk and explore the beach while killing another hour. The sun didn't set till about 6, so we though if we got to the restaurant at 5, it would be perfect to eat for that last hour and watch the sun go down.

There were interesting shells on the beach.

Lola's was so cute! I loved the tables and chairs and they were all out on the sand.

It was the perfect setting for a sunset dinner.

Too bad, I don't have a sun set picture. That's because we sat down at the tables at about 5:02 and used for a menu only to be told that they close at 5:00. No sunset dinner, a couple of very hungry kids and a long slow dirt road to find some food. At least the beach was nice!

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