Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Costa Rica - 1st Beach Day

"God's love is like an ocean; you can see it's beginning, but not it's end." - Rick Warren

Every time I look at the vastness of the ocean, I am reminded of how big God is, how amazing he is, how he not only knows and sees, but created every little speck of this giant amazing place. Then to think of his love and nothing compares to it. The ocean is one of those places that changes our family, all 4 of us, we seem to relax and let everything go when we are at the beach.

At 7am on our second day, I woke up to these two reading! They were so cute and peaceful I had to freeze the moment, because it won't last for long.

We stayed in Playa Flamingo where we could have a little quiet spot on the beach without the crowds. We still wanted to see all the good beaches close by, so we headed north expecting to make our way down the coast and then decide what beaches we wanted to spend most of our time at. Turns out we spent the whole day at Las Catalinas.

We found a little parking lot and a trail to the beach. Bummer that I didn't think to put on my bug spray. I had maybe 1 mosquito bite the whole trip until this little walk and I ended up with about 15 bites!

But it sure was a nice little walk with beautiful views!

And a beautiful beach!

I think the ocean is more salty in Costa Rica. We could float for hours.

We decided to walk over some rocks to another part of beach (the part where the trail would have only been about a minute long instead of 15 minutes). When we got to that beach we found this restaurant and shop with all this cool outdoor stuff. We did a little tight rope walking...

Tight rope walking isn't so easy.

Rope swings are always fun.

So are giant swings hanging from a giant tree.

Little C was probably the best at the tight rope.

We rented a couple kayaks. I wanted to go to the islands and Dr. C wanted to find a secret beach.

So, why not do both?

Finally at the end of the day we took the short trail back to the car minus the mosquitos and had no time for any other beaches.

Come back to see what beach is next!

Pura Vida!


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