Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DIY Farmhouse Table

I LOVE the Pottery Barn style tables.

Actually, I love the Pottery Barn style everything. But, I especially love the tables. They are just so darn expensive and I really can't spend that kind of money on a table with 2 small children. I want to actually be able to use the table. Anyway, I knew a table wouldn't be that hard to make so I was trying to get my father-in-law to make me one, when my husband offered! I couldn't believe it, I've asked him so many times to make me furniture and he never wants to. Now he is so into it.

He showed me this table he was going to make. I loved it, so he got right to work.

We picked Douglas Fur for the wood because I really liked the grain in it and thought it would look really nice stained. I wanted the table to be very basic.

Here is how the stain turned out. C really loves helping daddy!

The table looks really nice all stained, but it's not quite finished, Mr. C wanted to put those metal straps in it to give it a little extra character. I thought it looked fine the way it was.

Mr. C was right, I love it the way he did it.

Final cost was a little over $100.

Now, he is working on my bench, hopefully it will be done by this weekend. I don't have any chairs either. I'm looking for mismatched, matching chairs from thrift stores.


  1. Kristen,
    A little hint I learned many,many years ago from a cabinetmaker is to rub the table with brown paper to make it really smooth. Put several coats of polyurethane on it also, and rub between the coats with fine sandpaper,then the brown paper(grocery bag). It will be smooth as glass.

  2. Wow! JEALOUS! Love the finished table!!!!

  3. I'm impressed! We made a 6 ft. bookshelf by ourselves this past year, but it took forever and we ended up deciding we're not diy-ers. ;) Still, every time I see something like this I think "oh, but THIS time it would be simple..."! :)

  4. It looks awesome! It's really similar to what I'm going to have my husband make! The straps really make it great, too, adds the perfect touch :). We're going to go with benches too, I'm looking forward to seeing your's!

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  6. It's beautiful!! Where did you find the iron bands? They really give it that special farmhouse touch. Your hubs did a great job!

  7. There’s no woodwork that men can’t do! We have the same dining table, and guess what, I did it myself! For some reason, my wife suggested to put metal straps. It sure does added character to the table/ I’m going to show your blog to my wife. She’ll be surprised once she sees this!

  8. Who says there's limited use for metal straps? Your husband did a good job with your dining table. Though it already looks good stained, I agree with him that the metal straps artistically placed on both ends gives your table a little more character. Good job!
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  9. could we get more info on the metal straps? what are they and how did he work it?

    thanks - good looking table.