Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oven Mits

I am so excited to be knocking so many things off my to-do list. I have had these projects sitting out for months and now they are done! I can finally clean the dinning room. I think it was the nice table that whipped my butt into shape. Maybe that and I don't have things to finish before Christmas anymore.

Here is what I've finished:
C's refashioned t-shirt
L's refashioned dress
C's lunch sac

and now, pot holders!

Ok, so they are not the cutest, but I had the fabric and I have needed some for months now. When I envisioned these cute little red and white pot holders, they were so much cuter in my head. The first one I put on some home made binding. It would have been better with white or black. Then for the second one, I had black thread in my serger and started doing the edges. I liked it better then the first with the black so I decided to leave it that way.

Even though they are not totally cute, they serve a purpose and the stay in the drawer anyway. They are better then my old stained ripped pot holder.


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