Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recipe - Cinnamon Rolls

About 12 years ago, before Mr. C and I were married, we decided with his sister to make cinnamon rolls for his dad one Christmas morning. We had always heard how he loved waking up to the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls every Christmas morning, so we thought it would be a nice surprise. This very first year we did it, we were all in Mammoth, after Mr. C's parents went to bed, the 3 of us stayed up and started the recipe. Non of us had made bread before. We didn't even think about how long it would take us. Little did we know we would be slaving away for hours kneading, rising, kneading, rising... It was horrible trying to get the bread to rise correctly because it was so cold in that darn cabin. We put it by the little wood burning stove to finally get a little rise out of it.

Well, that night we went to bed with flour all over us and exhausted well after midnight. I am so sad right now because I looked everywhere and I can't find that old picture.

The next morning, early we got up before Mr. C's parents and put the rolls in the oven. They turned out ok, but I was envisioning cinnabon. Boy, oh boy was I disappointed. From then on, it has been our goal to perfect these cinnamon rolls. Each year they get a little better.

Making them gets a little more fun too. Little C's first Christmas...

I have to slip in a little memory of Grandpa all satisfied after eating his roll Christmas morning.

I think little C had the most fun his second Christmas...

Last year, they were near perfect when I made 2 major changes to the recipe. But the dough wasn't quite right, we wanted it a little thicker.

Finally, this year they were wonderful. In-fact, they were the best cinnamon rolls I think I have ever tasted. I made 2 batches for Christmas and one New Year's Eve at almost midnight. They had the perfect amount of fluffiness, sticky gewiness and surgary sweet frosting. 

Now that the recipe is perfected, should I keep it a family secret or post it for the world to copy?


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! what are you doing to me?!?! you have to post it now...or email it to me! now all i want for breakfast is cinnamon roll! lol

  2. Kristen, Please post the recipe for all to see!!! There are plenty of us out here that are deficient when it comes to bread making of any kind.
    My mother was the best cinnamon roll/hot roll maker around but,alas, I never learned-thought she would be around forever. I used to try and make hot rolls at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but Torrey finally told me one year,"just let me buy them please". I haven't tried since.
    Did have a little luck with the bread that you keep in the fridge-no kneading. So, please, share the recipe with the rest of us, or just give us a hint. Of course, my figure doesn't need any cinnamon rolls, but that is another story.LOL

    1. One of my little tricks is, for the dough, I use the bread machine. I tried for many years doing it by hand and it doesn't rise as well. I think it is a skill that needs to be passed down from generation to generation. My grandma and aunt used to make bread all the time, but I never got to do it with them. Also, the bread machine has the perfect rising temp and saves the hands.

  3. please please please share? You can email privately if you don't want the world to know. :)

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