Sunday, February 26, 2012

100 Days of Kindergarten

100 days of school is a BIG deal in kindergarten. The kids count many thing of 100 in many different way. It's a big celebration. This year in preparation for 100 days C's teacher assigned the kids all to gather 100 of something of their choice. C choose 100 of his favorite fabrics sewn together into a very soft blanket.

C loves different textures, especially soft. His favorite things to wear are his "soft pants" if it is cold out and all his shirts have to be very soft. So, as you can see, his fabric is all very soft.

C cut all the pieces himself, put them in the order he wanted and sewed them together. I helped guide them because he was using the surger and I was a little nervous to let him do that completely himself.

After he shared his blanket with his class, C got to bring it home and snuggles with it every night now.


  1. I love that you let him do it himself. I'm still a bit uncomfortable with seeing myself, which makes it hard for me to let my 6yo do it himself. Something I need to overcome.