Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dad approved boy pants

I finally did it! I made boy pants that Mr. C doesn't say are too girly. He finally said it, "they look nice." I can't believe it. :-) You can check out some of my other attempts here and here.

C loves soft pants and it has been cold so I finally went to get some sweatshirt fabric and made some pants. C and L now have their own fabric scissors and decided to make themselves a little something also. I had to sew some elastic on for them, but they did the rest. I was told specifically where to sew the elastic also.

C loves the pants but said the pockets are too low. I'm still working on perfecting the pockets. The trick to the pants for me was to make them very straight all the way down. No tapering around the knees or ankles. Also, I needed to make them wide at the waist. I always seemed to make them too narrow before.

The camo pants were the second pair I made and those pockets were better, but they still have a tendency to pop out like puppy dog ears. Maybe I should just make them a little smaller.

Can you tell, I cut the pants the wrong way on the fabric? I was thinking it wouldn't matter with camo, but they do look sideways to me.

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