Sunday, June 10, 2012

One last thing to sew

Before I packed up the sewing machine, I had to sew one last dress for L. I loved the fabric and had already made her doll a dress.

Aren't they cute together?

Off to play. No time for photo shoots.

Ok, sewing machines packed and it's back to packing for me! Packing is a little tricky with C & L around. It goes a little like this:

Me: (Throwing away junk)
C: Mommy! What are you doing? I've been looking for that.
Me: Do you want to keep this? (A paper airplane, he has about 50)
C: Yes, that's my "special" one.
Me: How about this? (A rock)
C: Don't throw that away!

Can't I just get rid of anything?

Then I find L unpacking her boxes and pulling out babies... because the 5 babies I left unpacked were not enough?

Oh my goodness! These little rascals.

I have lots of fun ideas for their rooms, our bathroom and beyond! I am so excited. You can find me, if you know how (because I don't) on Pintrest to see some of the things I am liking. We are supposed to get our key's Friday and Saturday we will start ripping out carpet and trim. Hopefully I will have some pictures for you the beginning of next week.

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