Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Apple Picking

L is so excited about kindergarten. She loves going to school and all the activities. One day L came home to tell me to check my email because her teacher had emailed the class about apple picking. Since the last time we went, L was still in my belly, we decided to go.

Don't these apples look wonderful!

We met some friends there, here is the rest of the crew.

L wanted to pick and eat every apple.

Since I had recently finally upgraded my old camera, the kids were over smiling nicely for the pictures. Another reason for the long time no blog. My camera would take days to download the pictures.

Now, I am having so much fun taking tons of pictures again and especially when I find a place like this. There is a perfect picture spot at every turn.

C even took his turn at snapping a few.

I guess nobody wanted to give us a nice wall worthy picture that day.

I just love the setting here! I was so beautiful.

And then daddy has scare L. He told her this was a giant catapillar.

After the first two apple farms we had to go back to a farm that we went to before that had a nice little hike. Of course we had to stop and read all about each little thing, of course I had to take a picture of each one. (No, I won't make you look at each and every stop.)

The main reason we had to go back to this farm was for this picture. It used to be hanging in our house, but I haven't seen it in quite a while. We wanted to get the same picture with C being older now.

I just couldn't quite remember the picture. I knew it was at a bench. Not this bench!

This one looked like the right bench, but wrong spot. Too bad I didn't look at the picture before we left.

Trying to get them to pose for a perfect candid picture 6 years ago isn't quite the same. Especially when you can't remember quite what the picture was and know it's wrong, but can't figure out why. Ugh!

Oh well, we will just take a picture at every bench.

We finally decided we had to give up on finding the exact place and pose when we didn't quite remember the picture and so we joined our friends who decided to press their own cider.

At the end of the day we found out that we didn't have to pay for raspberry picking because it was the very end of the season. That's alway a fun little surprise, something free. Especially something you would have paid for. C and I were very determined to fill that bag of raspberries after a lot of searching and getting scratched by the bushes, we almost filled it. They were so worth it!

I love fall. Ooh! That reminds me, I even canned again. I'm back to normal, no more working on the house, instead, I'm canning, making lotions & soap and sewing once again.


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