Friday, November 8, 2013

More Sewing...

Remember this robe? Well, C has grown quite a bit and he puts that robe on every single day when he gets out of bed. It's pretty worn. Not to mention it was just a quick throw together robe with the edges surged because I didn't think he would actually wear it. I'm glad I was wrong and I should have known better with this boy!

He has been asking for a new robe for a while now. So, we went to pick out fabric. C picked the softest he could find and wanted a soccer print for the trim.

Again, I don't have the best blog worthy picture to really show off the details, but I will get the hang of it again.

My kids are very particular about their clothes. C specifically requested his sleeves to be this length so he could eat his breakfast in the morning with his robe on. He also wanted pockets this time.

I put in pockets, but he doesn't like how they are not angled. Picky, picky! At least he loves the robe.


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