Saturday, July 12, 2014

Frist day in Yellowstone

Our first day in Yellowstone

We are getting pretty good at packing up and moving. It’s actually kind of nice, cause I get the whole trailer cleaned before we leave, so when we get to our new spot, it’s like we are starting fresh with a nice clean trailer. We are at Fishing Bridge RV Park. They really pack you in here. They need to know the exact length of your RV, pull vehicle and how many pop outs and what side they are on. The trailer fits perfectly with just enough room for the truck and barley any room to spare for walking around.

After we set up, we went to the visitor center to plan our trip and for C & L to get there Jr. Ranger books. Then headed out on 2 small hikes. Between both it was about 5 miles. The second one was a little better and more diverse.

The Yellowstone Lake was huge!

On the beach there was lady bugs everywhere. I have no idea what they were eating or where they were coming from.

When we got to the second trail, we saw a lone Bison in the sage brush. As we walked up, he walked just into the trees to rest. Little C was all cocky saying, "Lets go scare it, it can try to ram me." But, of course we just went along on our hike. He is back there, but too far away at this point to see.

We came to another beach with some hot spots. It was very stinky, it took us a while to figure out what the smell was.

It was so pretty with all the trees and the views of Yellowstone lake. When we got to the look out of the lake we saw some marmots and what looked like some hot spots. Too bad I couldn’t take any pictures cause little C had to go to the bathroom so bad that he wanted to run back. He refused to go in the woods because of that bison we saw before.

The wild flowers were beautiful!

The loop took us through the forest to get back, we were amazed at how dense it was. It was so pretty! I took as many pictures as we could, but C was in such a hurry! 

As we were nearing the end of the forest I was guessing it was where the lone bison was. C had a change of attitude about this bison now that we may come upon it sleeping & he had to go to the bathroom so bad. He wouldn’t let me get to far from him and when we finally did see it sleeping, little C got really nervous, “Come on mommy! Let’s go! Hurry, lets run.” I guess having to go to the bathroom made him feel a little less cocky. 

So, we ran to the car without any bison close ups.

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