Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy 4th - From Jackson Hole, WY

Happy 4th of July! Yep, it’s a little late.

On the 4th, I was doing laundry and posting the last blog while Craig took the kids to get sworn in as Jr. Rangers. 

After laundry we sat out at our camp spot and read while the kids explored. 

Out of nowhere we had a complete down pour. After seeing rain just once this past year during the day, the kids loved it! I guess it’s pretty common for it to pour for about 10-15 minutes a day. I wouldn’t mind if it was like that at home. 

After the rain, a deer came through our campsite!

Later that day, we decided to celebrate with the town of Jackson Hole for the 4th. It is such a cute town, we had ice cream at Moo’s homemade ice cream.

I absolutely love how rustic everything is in Jackson Hole!

This is the town square. They have the moose antler arches at each corner.

We were total tourists! We were even taking pictures in the stores.

We went down to Snow King where they set off the fireworks and they had this awesome playground!

They set off the fire works at Snow King, their ski resort in town, we could see them let off the fireworks. The show was amazing! They set the fireworks off at 3 different locations, each a ski run apart, so it completely filled the ski, right above our heads. 

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