Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Natural Bridge and Lone Star Geyser

We have been so busy trying to see everything that the kids have been going to bed late every night and even though we’ve been sleeping in, their lack of sleep has been catching up. Today, Craig decided we should ride bikes to cover more ground. Great choice! Even that was hard on L, but she did it and she very was happy she did! 

First we road to Natural Bridge. I wasn’t expecting much and hadn’t seen any pictures, but yet another great choice by Craig. 

Craig and L decided to wait with our bikes while little C and I hiked up around it. That is little C and me up under the bridge.

We could see them from the top too!

It's still the first ride of the day, so she's not to tired yet. She asked us first thing if we were going to hike because she didn't want to take another hike.

Daddy and L taking selfie's at the bottom of the bridge.

After the bridge, we stopped at a tourist stop of a thermal area. I wasn’t excited about that either because the crowds were wearing on me. But, once again, Craig made the right choice. It was amazing! We did get there at the same time as a tour bus, so we walked the path in the opposite direction as the people on the bus and missed most of the crowd. 

The water was so amazingly clear, it looked like a piece of perfectly clean blue glass covering a hole. The blue was so intense and the water so clear, these pictures just don’t do it justice.

If there are people around, I will ask them to take a picture of us. I'm getting good at it!

The different colors mean a different color. Blue is the hottest at around 200 degrees fahrenheit, then white, yellow, orange and last brown. The blue is so clear because it is so hot that nothing can live in it. It is blue because it is reflecting the color of the sky.

After the boardwalk, L had a little nap in the car on our way to Lone Star Gyser. We followed this creek all the way.

Luckily, this water wasn't too acidic to go in.

L loves taking pictures. She stayed out of the water so she could take a bunch.

We made it! Can you tell how it gets it’s name?

This geyser is said to be more spectacular then Old Faithful, but it goes off about every 3 hours. We heard it went off at 3:30 and 4. We weren't sure which was the right time because the thing about this one is it fakes you out, it will have one or 2 minor eruptions and then a major one. We new we had to be there by 6 incase the 3:30 was a major eruption. We got there at 5:45 and waited for it.

We waited some more…

Oh! Here it is!


Back to waiting…

Lone Star tricked us twice! There were 2 minor eruptions, one at 6:30, then another one a bit later. We heard how spectacular it was so we thought that couldn't be it. There was a couple people that lived there that said, they have seen it better then that. But they waited for about 20 more minutes and decided to leave. We waited another 10 minutes and...

Here it is! Finally at 7:30, 1/2 hour late.

Isn’t it cool how C & L can make it come out of their mouths?

This geyser was so spectacular! It went on for 30 minutes. We were able to see it so close up that the water was spraying down on us.

And it made a beautiful rainbow completely across the sky.

Since it was so late, the sun was much lower. Craig noticed on the other side how awesome it looked with the sun behind the water.

I am so glad we waited! It was totally worth it. Especially to see the sun going down behind it. Actually at 7:30, we still had 2 hours till sunset, but it was low enough to give us this magnificent view.

As we were riding back to the car, L said, “Mommy, I’m glad we did that. It was so cool! Now I’m really a Geyser Girl.” (The 6-7 year olds are of the Jr. Ranger Program are Geyser kids and the 8-10 year olds are Grizzly cubs.)

We did end up seeing Old Faithful with about 1,000 other people and from a bit further away. Old Faithful shot up probably a little higher but only lasted about 5 minutes. Lone Star actually shot up for 20 - 25 minutes then pure steam continued to shoot out of the top of the Geyser Cone for another 10 minutes. It really was amazing, I think this was our favorite part of Yellowstone.

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