Saturday, October 3, 2015

More Mess and More Holes!

It's been a little while since an update because I had to work for 36 hours straight. Tuesday night to Thursday morning. After Thursday, I needed to catch up on some sleep, which mean's no blogging. I did however take some pictures.

First, here are our plumbers that worked crazy hours on trying to figure out the puzzle of our plumbing. We were admit on getting a re-route instead of a re-pipe because if a re-route is cheaper then fixing the leak through the slab, there is a good chance the insurance will cover it. These boys sure had their work cut out for them!

Last time, I did show you that the cabinets were removed, but here is the mess of the kitchen. See in those holes? We have pipes! The plumbing is starting after 2 days of searching and trying to figure out how our water loops in the in the pipes that are underground.

Here is a close up that is hard to see of the chunk of granite that is missing.

Here are some more holes in the garage.

But where there are holes, now there are pipes.

More pipes!

So, I mentioned I was gone from Tuesday night to Thursday morning. Being a doula, when I work, I don't get much sleep, 15 minutes here maybe 5 minutes there... an occasional 1/2 hour stretch. On lack of sleep I get a message that somehow the water flowed through pipes up stairs to the kids sinks, then went back down under the slab before returning to the kids shower. This was the reason why after the first night their shower had no water. Then I get a picture like this of more holes!

Not only more holes, BUT, look at that floor! I was horrified. Our wonderful plumbers didn't think to put down plastic first. That would have helped minimize my mess to clean up.

They did try to clean up after themselves. This is what I came home to Thursday morning...

And this...

I came inside, went upstairs and went to bed for all of 2.5 hours before the plumbers arrived back (to finish a few things), rang the door bell and made the dog bark like crazy. (See, it took me all these days to catch up on sleep. Now I'm off to bed again. Well, after I put my kids to bed.

Next time, I will let you know what our next steps are now that we have running water and can use our kitchen for maybe a week.


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  1. Oh my! It's worse! Your poor floors and your poor tired self!