Monday, November 30, 2015

Last Preview

Here is my final kitchen preview before it is finished I don't want to show bits and pieces any more because it is such an extreme difference. Last week we got the new pendants up and the doors and drawer fronts all came off for the refinishing of the cabinets. It was a little easier to use the kitchen.

Just in time for us to escape to the desert, our kitchen got all tape off and prepped to spray.

This is what our living room is like now. Nothing else can fit in there. It is not a relaxing place to be.

It also stinks!!! We got home to an awful lacquer stink and the living room is so cluttered with boxes, chairs and appliances, we spent the evening in our room reading and playing games before bed. Little C loves that he can barrow books from the library on his iPod now! L and I played sequence and she beat me bad!

Remember on the last post I had my samples of back splash up? Well, I finally decided what I am doing! I went to Bedrosians, walked in with a mission in mind and bought a back splash almost immediately. I saw something on the wall and told the guy I wanted it. The bummer thing was the new die lot was a different color. They did have something slightly darker, though and I went with it.

The majority of people that I asked said to go with the blue. It was a beautiful color, but I went shopping and found all this...

The though of being limited to a back splash color was heart breaking so I had to let go of the blue. And, that's all I am going to tell you about the back splash! I hope it looks good when it is up!

Until next time, this is the only sneak peak at my white kitchen...

My back splash is in today so it should be going up at the end of the week. Monday my floor will get raised a couple eights of an inch and leveled then Tuesday, I start the wood. It has to be done by Wednesday because I have house cleaners coming Thursday (something I only do when we rent out our house!) Then Friday people to prep meals and Sunday extended family Christmas dinner. We have a very strict time schedule! ALMOST DONE!!!


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