Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's a Whole New Level of Dust!

Yesterday, after a week of no work, we had a portion of the foundation in our kitchen cut out. Our cabinets were supposed to go in last Wednesday, but we put that on hold because the hallow sounding sinking slab was a big concern to us. We decided to have Inline Construction come and check it out. We are glad we did! They squeezed us in to saw cut out a portion of slab that was sinking and fill any hole under it then repour new slab. I was in my room working and came out to a gray haze all over the house. Can you see in the picture? It looks kind of hazy? The picture just doesn't do it justice, that haze isn't the lighting, it is gray dust. 

Here is part of my kitchen, the part we are kind of using.

Then the other side. In the back left, you can see a gap under the slab. That gap was about 3 inches. There was nothing between the dirt and slab.

This picture is blurry, but you can see again a big gap. This gives a new meaning to a floating floor.

I don't know that they were thinking in the 60's, but they build houses with no rebar in the foundation and in some parts, it is only about an inch thick.

Today all the cement is cleaned out, it's filled and compacted. Now we are ready for some re bar and some new cement.

Another fuzzy picture of a gap under the foundation.

Hopefully this dust will settle soon and Friday my cabinets should be put back and soon I will have a normal house.

Until then, I finally went to Home Depot for paper and tape to protect my wood floor. I feel like every day of construction there is a new scratch.


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