Friday, November 6, 2015

Progress... So Close, But So Far

 My street looks crazy. This whole time we have had a leak and repairs, our neighbor across the street has had the same problem. Nonetheless, I love driving down the street to see work trucks all over the place. It means progress.

This projects has had a lot of mess, a few set backs and some waiting around for people. But we are getting it fixed right. Every room in this house is now touched. It is like a brand new home. Look, no more hole in my kitchen! Not counting the cement they filled in that hole, they used 5 bags of cement to stuff in the void under the slab that was created by water shooting out for a month.

Since that repair in the nick of time, we got to keep our cabinet install date for today. The cabinets are back!

This is such a great feeling. Yesterday I dropped my husband off at the air port for a 4 day conference. I was a little stressed because I knew I was on call and likely going to be called to a birth. I also have 2 awards assemblies for my kids today, 4 soccer games for the them this weekend and last night alone both of the kids had to be in 3 places. So, sure enough as I was leaving the airport, I get a text from my client (5 cm but going leaving the hospital and going grocery shopping). It was an amazing birth! and I made home in the middle of the night to get a little sleep and make it to both kids assemblies. My kids also got to all their places and the dog got taken care of all because of my amazing community of helpers.

Needless to say, I started off the day a little tired and as it goes on that tired wears on my. When I am tired my patients are short. I have mostly been very excited about this project because we get to change a few things in the kitchen that I don't like, things I thought I would never be able to do. But, not just that, this time NONE of the work is being done by us. It is a different kind of stress, actually a ton less stress having a project that I know will be cleaned up when done, workers will protect my floor, it will be finished in a certain amount of time and my husband and I won't be exhausted in the process. There is a certain level I expect when people are being paid to do things. So, today when I come home and the cabinet guys are leaving with saw dust ALL OVER, I ask them  if they were going to clean it up before they leave. He told me he would sweep, but he doesn't have his vacuum with him... Ok, that's fine, I suppose. He swept and left. I went down stairs to take a look at my finished cabinets only to find sawdust crunching under my feet every where. I was so excited to take a nap before school got so I was just ignoring it. I'll clean later. But, there is so much and as I am looking around, I notice he didn't add the pull outs I asked for and he did this!

This is SO not a professional job! I was so upset. I sent a text to the project manager immediately and told him this is specifically something I said in the beginning I did not want. Then I told him about his rude cabinet guy and the mess he made. (By the way, I am the one that covered and protected my floor!) Long story short (and yes, there is more) This ugly disaster under the cabinets is getting fixed Monday and it will not anything else back, in particular the granite and sink. 

So, there is my complaint and I am extremely grateful for all this work and now, I am taking a nap for 30 minutes. Not enough time! (Plus, the darn dog is out snoring in my room like is so easy to be sound asleep in the middle of the day.) Maybe my kids will go to bed early with me tonight. Hopefully Monday more changed.

Oh, one more thing, the holes in the garage are all gone and it's painted today. My garage is put back and all new again.


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