Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kid Crafting

Ok, does anybody else's house ever look like this?

That's just a quarter of the living room. There is tons of fabric on the part not in the picture too. It's a little preview to my project that should be done tomorrow. :-) I'm very excited. Anyway, while I had that mess, C, L and I made this mess...

We decided to paint old egg cartons and toilet paper rolls.

They were very serious while working.

I couldn't even get them to talk.

When our critters dried we added pipe cleaners. C LOVES pipe cleaners. It's his favorite craft item.

Here are a couple of C's finished projects.

That little blue guy that you can hardly see, C & L spent almost an hour playing with it while I was making dinner. That was nice. They were using their little high voices to make it talk.

Now, back to sewing!


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