Monday, July 25, 2011


I finally got my very first serger. I am SO excited to start sewing on it. You wanna see it?

I got the Brother 1034D. I chose it because of the awesome reviews, it's seemed to be a good reliable beginner machine. You can click here or on the name of it and order the exact same one if you want.

Look what I get to learn.

This serger is so easy to thread. I was dreading that part because of all the reviews I read on tons of different sergers, but as soon as I got mine, I unthreaded it and rethreaded it no problem. It was super easy. Of course it does help to have the directions and the numbers to follow right there.

I love the fact that there are no bobbins to wind. I have bobbins with 3 different colors of thread wound around them. But now that I figured out how to work the machine and what it does, I'm serging!

There is a little learning curve and a little getting used to things like pulling the work out and you don't have to back stitch. But that's not bad and look how beautiful the edges are.

I was so excited, I made a hobo sac right away with it before a birthday party that same day and then after the birthday party I made my sister-in-law the little jersey knit cardigan thing I made for myself in green. Her's looks so much better. I will show you that stuff soon. :-)

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