Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sew Day

Today was a big Threads of Love day at church. I forgot my camera, so please excuse the camera phone pictures.

C and L had to come with me for the first half. Since C just learned to use my sewing machine, he wanted to help.

He would count out his flannel pieces and sew a line down the middle to keep them nice and snug together.

He sewed all the soakers we used for the day.

L was very sad that she wouldn't sew and one of the lady's at the quilting table had little scissors, so I thought L could cut pretty straight lines. She did great! Almost perfectly straight lines. She cut all the scraps for the soakers.

They were so excited to help and after about an hour, they ended up on the stairs jumping off them, then got board with that after about 5 minutes then ran circles around the stage. Luckily Mr. C got there soon after to take them home.

We finished almost 12 diapers this morning. I say almost, because they were done in assembly line fashion. A few still need velcro and a few need top stitching and velcro.

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