Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Checkers anyone?

I have been trying to spend some one on one time with C each day. I was thinking it was going to be homework during nap, but so far there hasn't been any. So, I thought it would be fun to have some old fashion games.

C really wanted Connect Four, and I wanted Checkers. Well, I went to Target and returned with what C wanted and Guess Who? (The game, I'm not really asking you to guess who.) They were all out of Checkers which turned out to be good because it saved me $13.99. Connect Four has checker pieces and I realized I can just make a board!

64 little squares later I decided it's much better this way, I had the scraps, no spending money, no waisted resources as in packaging and I lowered the carbon foot print, no deliveries. Perfect! Now, I'm sure tons of others have had this brilliant idea, but am just thinking of it now.

Yes, yes, I have said many times, I am not a quilter. Can you see why? This just irritates me so much. The darn squares are never perfect! At least it was only a couple that this happened to.

Also, this isn't a quilt, there was no quilting involved. I just sewed tiny squares together. Actually though, this is the tedious part of quilting to me, I would like the actual quilting part. (What ever it's called.) Yes, I am so technical in my terminology.

I also have to say, yes, I do know a checker board is black and read. BUT I didn't know I had red until I was all done with the top and looking for the bottom fabric. I couldn't find anything I liked until I stumbled upon this perfect red. Oh, well.

Ok, it's really late and I'm really tired. Off to bed and checkers tomorrow.


  1. tedious work, but it ended beautifully. perfect :)

  2. Good job, BTW, the assembly you did is called piecing and putting 2 or more,usually 3 layers together and stitching thru is called quilting.

  3. I like your idea of a fabric checkerboard.