Monday, September 26, 2011

Garden Update

This summer has not been good to us on the farm. Those lovely planter boxes that we built to keep the gofer out I guess had bad soil and not enough water, so we lost a lot of our plants in the first month. Things are finally starting to grow. There was one box that did well for us this summer, it was the box where I put compost and dirt from the ground in it.

We got and are getting lots and lots of peppers. The only problem is when it gets really hot they get sun scorched. I have a shader up, but it's not enough. The weather has been very mild this week and today I found all those peppers ready to harvest! I was so excited. I also found 1 cucumber ready to harvest as well. I am so excited to finally be finding food! Tonight we actually got to eat peppers, cucumbers and strawberries from our own garden. That's the most in one meal in a long time.

Our chickens are another story! It has been crazy, they started laying eggs under all the mango trees and I had to go on an egg hunt every day. Then they stopped laying eggs and went broody. For a while I could take one egg a day out from under them, they would take turns watching the egg they shared for that day. After almost 2 months, they stopped sitting on the eggs and stopped laying all together. Finally, we are up to 2 eggs a day again for the past 2 days in a row. Maybe it's the weather. It did get pretty hot for a couple weeks.

So, there is our update. I'm going to try to plant a bunch of squash after I get the garden all weeded. They are supposed to be pretty disease resistant in the fall.

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