Monday, September 5, 2011

Thrifty Finds

I have an old friend that moved back to CA from Canada and now I have someone to garage sale shop with. It's so much more fun with a friend. We went this weekend because one of the cities has certain days a year that their sales are and I thought it was this week. Well, we got out there at 6:30 and there was NOTHING! We got home and were told about an Estate Sale around the corner from me, so we quickly left for that one. Yeah!

Here is what we found.

I never got china when I got married. I thought it was a waist of money. But I have always wanted plain white china. I really can't stand my dishes, but back then it was slim pickings if you didn't want lead in your dishes. So, when I found this white china, 12 place settings minus 2 mugs and 1 large bowl, I was so excited. I was a little hesitant about the $65 price. I was just looking at it then, I heard the lady saying EVERYTHING is 50% off. I said, "Everything?! Even this china? All of this is $32.50?" She said, "Yes." and I took it! It included 2 large serving bowls and plates.

There are dinner plates, salad plates, big and little bowls (I don't know what for), mugs and serving bowls and plates. These suckers are coming out for Taco Tuesday.

Another thing on my list that I have been looking for on Craigslist for a while now is a picnic table. I have wanted one for the garden, but they are ridiculously expensive. But when I saw this for $5, I snatched it up.

Then I remembered 50% off again. That's 2.50 and they found the bench in the back of the house for me.

It needs a little sanding and staining, but I love my $2.50 table.

I also have to take the staples out from the carpet they stapled on it.

Remember that friend I told you about? Well, we were actually shopping for her because like I said they just moved back. They actually sold most of their furniture instead of moving it. So, she needs new. No luck on the furniture, but she did get this cute bedding and lamp for her daughters big girl room.

I know, not a great picture, but I will take a better one, once their house is painted and the bedding is all cleaned up and on the bed.

Their new house they bought is a nice fixer. Mostly dirt and grime then paint and floors, but lots of work none the less.

I just love the colors on the back of the bedding.

Oh, and this lamp for, I think $5.


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