Thursday, October 22, 2015

Can There Be Any More Dust?

Can there be any more dust? I don't think so. I wipe down a chair and come back just a bit later and it looks like I never wiped it down to begin with!

Before all those pictures, we must go backwards to yesterday. Yesterday was a day where I had nothing, no appointments, nowhere to be, all was quiet. The kids didn't even have practice! We decided to take a nice leisurely walk around the park where everyone including the dog took their time looking at all the ducks in the pond.

Today, is a totally different day! I remembered I have a burner on my barbecue so I hiked over to the boxes and climbed steep couches and chairs to dig out buried pots all in the name of breakfast. Little C has been wanting oatmeal so, he got oatmeal this morning cooked like a true camping family, outside in the wonderful fall air.

Mr. C and I take the dog on a 4 mile hike Thursday mornings before I go to bible study. When I got home from bible study, this is what I saw just inside my front door.

To the right is my living room and this is what it looks like. This is now how we are living.

Even with all this mess, there is a huge load off my shoulders this time knowing I am not the one doing the work. When we do it our selves, the job always takes longer then expected and is more work then expected. This time, someone else gets to do all the dirty work and haul away heavy bags of tile. Someone else gets to tape all this up and vacuum up after. Someone else gets to put all the tools away. It is amazing!

Except I still get to deal with what flies through the air and lands on everything.

Maybe the kids bathroom was feeling a little left out that the kitchen was getting all the attention so it decided to reveal to us a bad wax seal under the toilet. I happened to be in the garage the other day when L was going to the bathroom and when she flushed water came dripping down through one of the new holes in the garage (yes, those are still there). Mr. C investigated and figured the wax seal went bad. Turns out it was a bad wax seal. It never squished and molded to the toilet. And all this time when there was yellow around the edge of the toilet that I had to clean, I thought something happened and little C who was so good at pee-ing IN the toilet had suddenly started missing and pee-ing over the side. I am glad to know my son can still manage to pee in the toilet.

So, anyway, this is what the kids bathroom looks like. Yes, those are clean dishes that I just washed in the bathtub. I am aware they are on the floor next to the toilet. But in my defense, I did just spray the floor with a very strong chemical antibacterial that I NEVER buy. Mr. C only bought it because this was an emergency that he felt needed something a little stronger then my homemade bathroom cleaner.

Tomorrow should be the last dusty day. But we will see. I won't get my hopes up, there is always something.


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