Sunday, June 26, 2011


It has been a while since I have had my home made gas. We finally got enough oil to do about 30 gallons and we will have one more batch soon.

It's probably been 2 months of buying gas at the pumps for close to $5! It has been terrible. Since many have asked how the gas is made I have some pictures for you. I still can't answer the question other then it bets warmed (green barrel), transfered and mixed and mixed again (white barrels).

All these levers help with the transferring and mixing process.

Then, it separates, the soap gets removed and finally it gets filtered and flows into my big gas (black) barrel that I fill up from (red pump).

Those filters were made out of old soda kegs. My husband actually made the entire thing. It's pretty cool, but I never paid enough attention to learn how to do it. I leave that up to him. We each have our projects, I like to stick to the sewing and painting. He loves chemistry and building.

Don't I have a wonderful husband to do all this for me. :-) Well, I guess it's for him too.

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