Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beach Blankets

I tend to get stuck at the beach either when it's cold and I'm wearing something for warmer weather because it was hot at my house OR when I think it's going to be cold and I don't have a towel, but it turns out to be nice and I end up in the water. So... I need a beach blanket that would serve both purposes. This is what I came up with.

That's L on it with her little 4th of July dress. The blankets go perfect! Anyway, on the top, I have fleece and the bottom is terry cloth. The fleece is super warm and the terry cloth absorbs the water if I decide to go in.

I love it! It stays in my car and is perfect for a pic-nic, ball game or the beach. When I made my blanket, my sister-in-law got one for Christmas, and my father-in-law got one for his boat in yellow because his boat is yellow and white.

These blankets have gotten a ton of use. There is just one small problem with my blanket. When I went on that hike with all the poison oak, I used my blanket that night at dinner when I was freezing before I went home to shower. Well, the oil from the poison oak transferred to the blanket. Every time I use it, I get mild poison oak where I hold the blanket under my arm. I used the darn blanket Friday, Saturday I got a few spots on my arm, used it again yesterday at the beach and more spots appeared this morning. So, last night I washed the blanket for the 4th time since the poison oak incident. Today, I used the blanket again at the beach. I'm praying it's all washed out.

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