Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's growing and not growing...

We planted our spring garden I think a little over a month ago. So, it should be growing like crazy by now. We had some issues with the watering and our corn flowered way too soon, the squash didn't grow and I lost some of the tomatoes. Now that we got it all straightened out, I think we are finally growing strong. Maybe another month and I can start posting organic recipes. 

Anyway, here is what is growing and not growing...

Some of the onions are looking good, some are kind of small. There is an elephant garlic down there and 2 regular ones. I'm letting them dry out to see how they turned out. I sure hope the elephant garlic turned out. I love roasted garlic.

This is the biggest onion I have EVER seen!

This is the second year for our strawberries. They usually get eaten by the rolly pollies, but then a squirrel found it's way into our garden by a hose that was left draped over the little fence. That darn squirrel ate ALL of our strawberries, even ones that were not ripe. But, once I took the hose away, the squirrel can't get in so we have beautiful strawberries again. Also, for some reason, there are a few less rolly pollies. If you have a good trick to get rid of the rolly pollies PLEASE, please tell me. Organic though.

We have 3 artichoke plants, one was amazing grew so fast and then it started to do terrible. The plant was turning black and the artichokes were misshapen. Today I discovered it was aphids! I kept thinking that, but didn't see any. Well, it's the green kind on a green plant, of-course I didn't see any! I sprayed Neam oil today and every day I'm just going to blast them off with the hose. That should work.

At least the plant that wasn't doing so good is doing much better now and I have this beauty...

Here are the peppers. Much better so far then last year. I still need some shade. I'm thinking another basil plant.

Since my other corn planted with my squash and beans didn't do so well, Mr. C planted a bunch more off on their own. Now I get to "watch my corn pop up in rows." Ha, ha! I just had to say that. Yes, I am a country fan much to the disappointment of my husband.

Here is a very sad tomato plant. Who needs tomatoes anyway...

Ok, I suppose I can use them for cooking. This one is doing much better with more water.

And, that is how my garden is growing. It's on it's way to getting better. This is what I have been working on instead of sewing. I weeded SO much this morning and got covered in aphids. I can't stand those little things.


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